Lessons from leaving Russia

Photo After the Russian-initiated military invasion of Ukraine, many foreign companies have withdrawn from the Russian market or decided to restrict their activities in the last few months. Many of them had to come to terms not only with the lost market but also with huge losses. However, they seem to have won the sympathy … Read more

“A gentleman”; This is how Carmen Salinas praised Yrma Lydya’s husband

Last night, the murder of the 21-year-old singer Yrma Lydya, artistic goddaughter of Carmen Salinas, was recorded at the hands of her 79-year-old husband, Jesús, in a restaurant in Mexico City. After this tragic event, on social networks, users recalled a conversation between Carmelita Salinas and Yrma Lidia, in which the actress praised the singer’s … Read more

This is how the murder of the singer Yrma Lydia happened

The events occurred in the Benito Juárez mayor’s office, where the 79-year-old lawyer Jesús Hernández Alcocer entered the private area of ​​the Suntory restaurant, accompanied by his wife, the 21-year-old singer Yrma Lydya. Moments later, the lawyer began to fight with his wife until he pulled out a gun and shot her to death. As … Read more

Once again – what exactly does Macron offer us for Northern Macedonia

The so-called “French proposal” are in fact two draft documents that the French Presidency has sent to the Member States. These are the PCM Negotiating Framework and the Council Conclusions on convening the First Intergovernmental Conference with Skopje. The most important accents: The document states that “accession negotiations provide for special attention to be paid … Read more

Articles of insult to the government persist in the RKUHP, this is what the Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights said

Jakarta – Deputy Minister of Law and Human Rights (Wamenkumham) Edward Omar Sharif Hiariej or Eddy Hiariej explained that his party still maintains the related article. insult to government in the draft of the Draft Criminal Code (RKUHP). Eddy said the government did not include the article in the 14 crucial issues of the RKUHP. … Read more

Commissions were lower, they ask why we raised them to 20-30%

Toshko Yordanov both speaks to you and intimidates, comes and says: “Dudes, the Long One said …” I asked who the party “There is such a people” was, they told me: Slavi Trifonov, says eng. Georgi Georgiev At a party meeting I asked: Who is ITN, they told me: none of us, ITN is Slavi … Read more

The photos of “Tatkovtsi” are over and the red-haired Silvia Dragieva has become a blonde

After the second season Stephanie Ivailo play on one stage with Sasho Kadiev Young actors Margarita Stoykova and Ivan Nikolov who are boyfriends in the series, they got up couple and in life 14 hours of lying on the floor for one stage, slapping, jokes and banter are just a small part of the filming … Read more

Marta Vachkova with her daughter Rada and Darina Pavlova on vacation in Porto Cervo

Marta Vachkova, her daughter Rada, Darina Pavlova and several other friends gathered at the women’s sea. The merry company has chosen to rest in the Italian resort of Porto Cervo. Marta Vachkova and Darina Pavlova have been close friends for a long time and at least once a year they choose an exotic place to … Read more

The graduation story is untalented, clumsy and illiterate

The writer and popular advertiser Radoslav Bimbalov erupted with an angry post on social networks against the story “The Talisman” by Krassimir Bachkov. “I read the story chosen by the Ministry of Education and Science for today’s graduation exam,” Bimbalov wrote. Everyone has the right to feel like a writer. Here, even I from time … Read more

Difference between Articles and Papers

KOMPAS.com – Articles and papers are non-fiction writings, both of which contain a specific focus of discussion. Papers and articles have their own characteristics. So it can not be equated in some ways. Understanding articles and papers According to Sri Rahayu, et al in the book Article (2020), an article is a complete essay of … Read more