EURUSD: Euro tries to get stronger | FXMAG

The euro is trying to strengthen, amid hopes for Brexit and despite favorable news from the United States. Market analysis At the beginning of the American session on Wednesday, the price of the euro advanced. This strengthening occurs due to several fundamental factors: First, pro-euro market participants remain optimistic. Since the president of the European … Read more

«The articles in the book were worth rescuing»

The Albacete writer Eloy M. Cebrián publishes Murphy’s Law. Collected articles (1998-2020). The author commented to La Tribuna de Albacete about the singularities of this new work.How many volumes of Murphy’s Law does he collect?It is a selection of the four volumes of Murphy’s Law, which in turn, are a selection of published articles. I … Read more

Actions pick up when G20 summit ends support for vaccines for all

In the article you will discover: Global stocks resumed their advance today after the heads of state who participated in the virtual G-20 summit promised to guarantee affordable access to COVID-19 vaccines for all people. Global actions resumed their advance today after heads of state who participated in the G-20 virtual summit promised to ensure … Read more

Flights from Caracas to Bolivia, Iran, Turkey and Russia will open :: La Prensa de Lara

THE PRESS OF LARA | Agencies.- President Nicolás Maduro announced this Thursday that “very soon we will have a direct flight Caracas – Moscow (Russia)“, and will be added to the destinations that are currently available: Iran, Turkey, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. He added that they also hope to enable air operations on the … Read more

Will continue to release Microsoft game on PlayStation from Bethesda

The future of Bethesda games on PlayStation, or any platform other than Xbox, remains an uncertainty. Microsoft is being very careful in their comments, and everything seems to indicate that we will continue to see Fallout and The Elder Scrolls as cross-platform franchises, but with certain disadvantages for those who do not play on Xbox. … Read more

Cuatrecasas finalizes the incorporation of the lawyer José Ramón Berecibar as partner and the integration of the GBP Legal firm – Legal information, news and articles

In the coming days, the Board of members will make a decision on their incorporation to coordinate commercial practice in the Basque Country The signing of Berecibar includes the integration of the law firm GBP Legal The current headquarters in Bilbao, San Sebastián and Vitoria come together to operate as a single office Cuatrecasas finalizes … Read more

Among arsenal “El 309” had grenade launchers and 4 long weapons

Cesár Ulises RJ alias “El 309” or “El Cabezón” was under arrest after intelligence operations in the vicinity of Del Valle Zaragoza in an operation of the State Investigation Agency of the strategic operations group with the support of elements of the Mexican Army, where in addition Four other people with significant arsenal were arrested. … Read more

We analyze: Pfizer, Iag, Logista, Ford, Cisco, Activision, Corning and Newell

We analyze the following values ​​requested by various users: Cisco Systems Inc (CSCO), International Consolidated Airlines Group SA (ICAG), Logista (LOG), Ford Motor Company (F), Corning Inc. (GLW), Activision Blizzard Inc (ATVI) , Newell Brands Inc (NWL) and Pfizer Inc (PFE) from the communications equipment, airlines, business services, auto and truck manufacturers, personal and home … Read more

Juno, an elephant from the El Paso zoo, to be operated on for cancer

The elephant has been fighting breast cancer since 2016 and underwent six treatments of electrochemotherapy. Despite his treatments, zoo officials reported that the tumor stopped responding and the cancer appears to have metastasized. “According to veterinary experts, surgical removal of the mass or palliative care and eventual euthanasia are the only options available now”Noted the … Read more

A member of “La Línea” fell with arsenal, tactical equipment and drugs

Elements of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat arrested a member of the criminal group “La Línea” identified as Julio CG, for his alleged responsibility in committing crimes against the federal law on firearms and explosives, which will be investigated for the crime of homicide, arms trafficking, drugs and people. Through an anonymous complaint, they denounced … Read more