Lublin Province. The 9-year-old died at a pedestrian crossing. “He is my angel”

9-year-old Filip studied in the fourth grade of primary school. Accident It was a sunny September afternoon and nothing foreshadowed the impending tragedy. Filip and his friend walked along the sidewalk along the road in the village of Krężnica Jara near Lublin, where he lived. In the whole town, as in built-up areas, there is … Read more

The great remains great – Al-Watan Saudi newspaper

The news spread, and some, perhaps more than others, reported what Mrs. Maysoon Al-Dakhil had committed against the elderly, and that she did not leave any room to demand their exclusion from the scene in the theater of life, and even from the whole theater. And frankly, she was not with this proposition, but rather … Read more

“We stole these songs from their creators” | Articles

Roger Glover believes that it is difficult to spoil a good song with a new arrangement, does not support covid conspiracy theorists, he was vaccinated himself and vaccinated his family. In his youth, he dreamed that Frank Sinatra would cover his song, and in the 1970s he produced such a cool American band that there … Read more

[Odpolední zprávy] • PlanB admits BTC’s target price of $ 98,000 for November as the “first miss” and other articles

Welcome to today’s cryptography overview: MARKETS The primary cryptocurrency was on its way to $ 60,000 yesterday. It has been about $ 500 since attacking this coveted level, but it has failed, and a few hours later the situation has changed dramatically. Bitcoin fell $ 5,000 to an intraday low of $ 54,300 in a … Read more

[Večerní souhrn článků] • Etherea price drops below $ 4,000 • and other articles

Source: If you have little time and can’t keep up with our articles one by one, try our evening summary. Everything important that happened that day can be found here in one place. Each title can be clicked to go to the whole article. Report of the day Etherea’s price drops below $ 4,000 … Read more

Death of Izabela from Pszczyna. “I love you mommy, I can’t believe you died”

“It could have been much more tragic there” Ms Izabela was hospitalized in the 22nd week of pregnancy, after the amniotic fluid had broken off. She had been texting her mother from the morning hours that she felt unwell and suspected sepsis. – Iza was not a panic. She never wanted to worry anyone with … Read more

M.Balčiūnas presented changes in the structure of LKF, amended articles of association and separation of MKL

At the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Lithuanian Basketball Federation (LKF), resolutions were adopted on the separation of the Student Basketball League (MKL) from the federation, the membership of the federation and the establishment of a new body in the structure of the LKF. The Secretary General of the LCC reviewed the implemented … Read more

The Official Gazette publishes the decision to adopt the amended articles of association of the Airports Holding Company

The official newspaper “Al-Waqa’a Al-Masryah”, in its issue issued today, Tuesday, published a decision Ministry of Civil Aviation No. 875 of 2021, regarding the adoption of the amended articles of association of the Holding Company for Airports and Air Navigation. The decision, which bears No. 875, stated that it was implemented after reviewing the Civil … Read more

Michał Wąsik: Poland may launch one of the articles of the NATO treaty

On Monday, Belarus gathered thousands of migrants from the Middle East at the border with Poland who want to enter our country In the opinion of the deputy minister of the interior and administration, the reaction of European countries is “extremely resolute in relation to what is happening on the Polish border near Kuźnica” Earlier, … Read more

Internet Starlink Announces Mexico Service Dates; this costs

As detailed by the company, data speeds can be expected to range between 100 and 200 Mb / s for the following months as the system improves, they also warn that they may be presented short periods of no connection. In its message, Starlink points out that as more satellites are launched and more ground … Read more