filmed in full intimate moment in front of dumbfounded spectators on the platforms of Tournai station, they must answer for their actions in court, “I’m ashamed”

“Indecent assault”, the word was dropped by the mayor of Tournai, Paul-Olivier Delannois after a couple was filmed copulating in front of dumbfounded teenagers and commuters. A video of their antics had made the buzz on social networks. The mayor of Tournai had filed a complaint in June 2021 for the exhibitionists to be prosecuted. … Read more

Between tears, Paola Rojas remembers the controversial video of Zague: “I felt very ashamed”

For several years the name of Paola Rojas, journalist and television host, had been associated with an impeccable career, until in 2018 she was linked to one of the most notorious scandals in the entertainment industry, the intimate video of her then husband, Luis Roberto Alves “Zague”which was leaked on social media. Although several years … Read more

Trial of the “dismemberers” of Rouen: “I am so ashamed”, the two accused sentenced to 22 and 17 years in prison

The Seine-Maritime Assize Court sentenced the “cutters of Rouen” to 22 and 17 years’ imprisonment respectively. Céline Vasselin and Jessica Adam were accused of having killed and dismembered a man in the suburbs of Rouen. The epilogue of a macabre affair. Céline Vasselin and Jessica Adam were sentenced this Saturday, November 19 to, respectively, 22 … Read more

“She’s ashamed”: this astonishing habit of Catherine Deneuve which “always annoys” her daughter

The class of Catherine Deneuve is no longer to be proven. Known in the Cherbourg umbrellas, the actress has often played characters related to music… A passion she shares in reality. In an interview given to our colleagues from Inrockuptibles this Thursday, November 10, Catherine Deneuve explains that she is the first to push the … Read more

‘Star Academy’ viewers revolted by ‘shameful’ issue

This Saturday evening, TF1 broadcast the fifth bonus of the new season of « Star Academy ». The show was dedicated to the winner of season 4, Grégory Lemarchal, shot down by cystic fibrosis fifteen years ago. His parents and his sister were present on the set. The students, meanwhile, paid homage to the singer by performing … Read more

Paul is angry after receiving an “excessive” and “unfair” fine of 150 euros while visiting his sick father: “Absolutely shameful!”

Paul Pescud, a Briton, traveled to Walthamstow last month to visit his ailing father. When he returned to his car, he literally fumed when he discovered a fine of 150 euros. Furious, he shared his misadventure on Twitter. “Guess why? “, he asks, before indicating that his fine was due to the fact that his … Read more

PHOTO and VIDEO Štiavničanov Kabrheľová’s message: She can be ashamed!

The circle of relatives and friends first knew Nora as Kašaiová. After suddenly falling in love with the handsome, significantly younger musician Braň, with whom she later entered not only marriage, but also the waters of show business, she became famous as his wife Mojsejová. Years later, she married again, this time to the extravagant … Read more

Kuba Wojewódzki is still meeting with Anna Markowska! They went to lunch but left separately … What are they ashamed of? (PICTURES)

Tuesday will be exactly a month since Cuba Wojewódzki i Anna Markowska debuted on the red carpet as an alleged couple. Gwiazdor brought a model with him to the premiere of the show Closer at the 6th Floor Theater, which aroused real curiosity. The showman has been fueling rumors about his love life for some … Read more

Augustė Vedrickaitė, who left her lover’s house with a baby in her arms: “I felt ashamed”

Although the famous woman said that she could not say how she managed to survive this difficult stage, she remembers perfectly the moment when she realized that the relationship was falling apart. According to the performer, the relationship broke even before the child was born. “The world of illusions and fairy tales started falling apart … Read more

Without an eclipse or ashamed.. A young man confesses in front of the public. I have sex with my wife four times a day and I want again what to do.. A shocking response from Heba Kotb

A caller asks who is the closest within the program of Dr. Heba Al-Qutb, the marital and family relations consultant. Dr. Heba Kotb was hosting the great media, Amr Al-Leithi, and a caller asked him who was the closest in the program He got up and asked the doctor. He told her, “My wife, I … Read more