Assoc. Dr. Vaccination warning against the increase in measles cases from Kara!

AU Faculty of Medicine Department of Pediatric Infectious Diseases Lecturer Assoc. Dr. Tuğçe Tural Kara pointed out that there has been an increase in measles cases recently. Stating that childhood vaccination was 98 percent in 2019, Assoc. Dr. Kara said that there has been a decrease in the rate of vaccination due to irregular migration … Read more

It invites disease. Assoc. Dr. Ömer Ekinci made important statements. Oh, take your precautions before it’s too late

While the materials used in the kitchen are among the factors that trigger a healthy life, Assoc. Dr. Ömer Ekinci emphasized that the use of steel and stainless cookware causes anemia in people. He explained one by one the cause of anemia, that is, the problem of anemia, and the factors that trigger anemia. Here … Read more

Assoc. Dr. Özgör: Endometriosis is not destiny!

MESUDE ERSAN @mesudersan [email protected] Endometriosis is a genetically based disease that progresses with severe menstrual pain. Endometriosis, which causes school absences and job losses, is not destiny. If detected early, it is possible to prevent its progression. Because of its color ‘chocolate cyst’ Endometriosis, also called endometriosis, can settle in different organs and tissues, causing … Read more