Pedro Moral denies Sheyla Rojas and assures that he does not owe her money: “She did not buy a single piece of candy” | celebrity NNDC | SHOWS

Updated on 09/15/2021 08:00 am Pedro Moral came out to defend himself to answer the accusations of Sheyla Rojas Regarding the fact that he made her a reputation for being interested even though he would still owe her a debt. In an interview for “Magaly Tv, La Firme”, Moral was annoyed with the statements of … Read more

This is War vs Warriors MX | Producer assures that EEG Peruvians despised her attentions: Typical food and makeup | Johanna San Miguel | reality | Mexico | SHOWS

DEPLANTATION? The Guerreros México team has harshly criticized the hosts and reality boys of Esto es Guerra. Rosa María Noguerón, producer of the international program, broke her silence about the complaints of her Peruvian peers and argued that they despised the attention they had with them. READ ALSO: EEG: ‘Guerreros’ and Johanna San Miguel ‘choted’ … Read more

The EU is preparing to issue green bonds and assures: the money raised cannot be used for gas or nuclear projects

L’European Union adopted the programmatic framework for the launch of the bonds gave, the ‘green bonds’, which will begin issuing in October to finance 30% of the funds of the Next Generation Eu. Objective: to provide those who invest in these securities with the certainty that i funds mobilized will be destined to projects gave. … Read more

Carolina Darias rules out the obligation of the covid-19 vaccine and assures that “the more people the better” will be vaccinated

The Minister of Health, Carolina Darias, has spoken in Julia Otero’s program on Onda Cero about the coronavirus pandemic and a possible third booster dose of the vaccine. Darias assures that one of the things that has been learned from this pandemic is that the virus changes, “the virus mutates and we have to adapt … Read more

“Giving a third dose makes it possible to improve immunity to the Delta variant by approximately 86%”, assures an immunologist

“Giving a third dose improves immunity to the Delta variant by about 86%, compared to the immunity of people who have only had two doses.”, assures immunologist Cyrille Cohen, professor at Bar-Ilan University in Tel Aviv and member of the Advisory Board on Clinical Trials of Covid-19 Vaccines, this Wednesday on franceinfo. franceinfo: Does the … Read more

Gregorio Pernía assures that anticovid vaccines are a plan of the Illuminati

Controversial statements released by the Colombian actor Gregorio Pernía, in a video that circulates on social networks, about vaccination against covid-19. According to the artist, it is a plan led by the Iluminati, Bill Gates and other power elites to control the world. “We are going the way they want, both the Illuminati and Bill … Read more

A study from Israel assures that the 3rd dose of the Pfizer vaccine is 86% effective

The third dose of the Pfizer’s vaccine is 86% effective in people over 60 years of age, according to the initial results of a study carried out with thousands of participants in Israel, which has already begun to inoculate last month due to the high infections of coronavirus due to the spread of the delta … Read more

the Ligue des Familles assures him, “there will be checks”

Posted on Tuesday, August 24, 2021 at 4:00 a.m. Through didier swysen Free education, a vast debate that often ignites people’s minds. This year, free (school supplies) will apply to all kindergartens. What about primary or secondary education? The government has not yet decided on the capped amounts for activities. Free education should “go up” … Read more

Andrés Hurtado assures that he will no longer host his program and jokes with his replacement | Because today is Saturday with Andrés Farándula NNDC | SHOWS

Updated on 07/31/2021 08:35 pm The presenter Andres Hurtado, better known as ‘Chibolin‘, he pointed out at the beginning that he had news for his followers of “Because today is Saturday with Andrés.” From the beginning of the program, he spoke of surprises and said that this Saturday, July 31, he was leaving his space … Read more

Poncho de Nigris assures that he was denied a vaccine in Nuevo León: VIDEO

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 01.08.2021 20:47:26 Actor Poncho de Nigris has recently been embroiled in scandals over his dealings with the staff who work at his home; and is that the famous he is very active in social networks, and constantly communicates with his fans whether to share moments with his family, promote his … Read more