Cristian Rivero announces the return of ‘La Voz Perú’ and assures that he is not afraid to compete with ‘Al fondo hay lugar’ |IMP | SHOWS

The host Cristian Rivero commented that he was excited about the premiere of ‘La Voz Perú 2022’, which returns to television on July 4 on the screens of Latina and in prime time, in addition, he stressed that he is not worried about competing with ‘Al fondo there is room’ because he applauds the fact … Read more

The expert assures that Elizabeth II’s condition is alarming: it is disappearing in sight

The queen “disappears right in front of her eyes,” says an expert from the royal family. After seeing photos of Her Majesty’s meeting with Australian Governor of New South Wales, Margaret Beazley, published last Thursday, 16 June, the royal expert expressed concern about Elizabeth’s appearance. Elser compared the Queen’s latest photos to photos taken a … Read more

Nuclear weapons will remain a threat, Russia will not attack NATO, analyst Petras assures

IN TODAY’S WORK, YOU WILL FIND OUT, among other things: What concessions will be needed to make peace in Ukraine (3:40) The future of annexed territories (9:49) EU Western Vs. east to Ukraine (14:03) Will Russia dare to join NATO? (16:15) Would NATO come to the aid of its members in the East? (20:15) Real … Read more

Fouzi Lekjaa assures that Halilhodzic’s departure will not cost a dirham

The FRMF could separate from its coach, Vahid Halilhodzic without his dismissal costing the Moroccan body or the state money. His dismissalwill not cost any dirham“, assures President Faouzi Lekjaa. FMued under pressure by the media, the supporters and even by some executives of the selection like Romain Saiss, Vahid Halilhodzic could throw in the … Read more

Tetsuya Nomura assures that he was demanding with the inclusion of Sora in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sora’s inclusion in Super Smash. Bros Ultimate fulfilled the wish of many players who were looking forward to the protagonist of the saga Kingdom Hearts join the wide roster of characters from the Nintendo fighting title, something that seemed impossible considering the licensing restrictions involved in collaborating with Disney. Masahiro Sakurai, the main person in … Read more

Rozalony Ziobro about KPO: “Ideological madness”. He assures that the milestones were not consulted with the SP | Policy

The National Housing Plan is to help European economies during the crisis. Poland is applying for over EUR 35 billion from the EU Housing Fund, of which nearly EUR 24 billion is non-returnable subsidies. The rest are cheap loans. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs informed that our country may get the first money from the … Read more

ANSP assures that in the Republic of Moldova there have been no confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox

There have been no confirmed or suspected cases of monkeypox in the Republic of Moldova, ANSP reports. The disease is not considered highly contagious and spreads only through direct and long-term contact with the infected person, say experts. The cause of the monkey’s smallpox outbreaks could be climate change, say World Health Organization officials. Monkeypox … Read more

Zelensky assures that Russian invasion is equal to covid-19

The President of Ukraine, Volodímir Zelensky, compared the Russian invasion to the new coronavirus pandemic on Thursday and assured that “vaccines are weapons and sanctions”. “Weapons and sanctions are also a vaccine; a vaccine against a disease that Russia has brought, ”she has stated. “The virus is called hate and it is more deadly than … Read more

Mauro Viale’s daughter assures that she will tell how the journalist’s death was

The name of the podcast is “Mauro Viale, The Plain Truth”, and can be heard through Spotify; in the first episode Ivanna states that her father’s departure was “abrupt, shocking, traumatic and full of doubts”. “It was pure pain not only for me, who still do not understand and believe in it, without accepting his … Read more