The new Opel Astra live: The modern hatchback starts at less than half a million

The new generation of the Opel Astra, which is simply a hatchback – as it always has been, since its inception in 1991, is coming to a world where everyone wants to crossover and even ordinary hatchbacks style themselves as crossovers. Astra introduced itself in September last year, but now we had the opportunity to … Read more

The new Opel Astra bet on design and price. With rich equipment, it will fit under half a million

He’s not French! The unveiling of the new Opel Astra took place on Thursday in Prague. The carmaker’s representatives emphasized several times that it is definitely not just an otherwise cut copy of the new one Peugeot 308. Of course, both cars are technically connected, but the Germans allegedly tuned the platform to their image. … Read more

Gas Here! There are Astra Daihatsu and Unilever vacancies

Jakarta – The new year is just a few days away. Next year there could be opportunities for new jobs. A number of companies open vacancies ranging from management trainees to internship programs. These programs are usually prepared by the company to prepare workers to become leaders in the future. Let’s check here the terms … Read more

Astra announces FDA registration of drugs Evusheld inhibits ‘Omicron’.

On 19 Dec. 64 AstraZeneca (Thailand) Co., Ltd. revealed that an independent study by the US Food and Drug Administration states that AstraZeneca’s Evusheld It is a combination long-acting antibody (LAAB) drug (a mixture of two antibodies, tixagevimab and cilgavimab), that is effective against the SARS-CoV-2 (B.1.1.529) strain of Omicron. The study found that Evusheld … Read more

Partners build digital banks in Indonesia, will Astra return to the banking business?

ILLUSTRATION. The logo of PT Astra International Tbk ASII on the top of the Astra Tower building, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman, Jakarta. Reporter: Dina Mirayanti Hutauruk | Editor: Tendi Mahadi KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. Mitra fintech PT Astra Internasional Tbk (ASII), WeLab, has acquired a 24% stake in PT Bank Jasa Jakarta (BJJ). The Hong Kong-based fintec … Read more

Among the most beautiful and most advanced vehicles… Learn about the new “Astra” from “Opel”! (Video)

The German “Opel” decided to make a qualitative leap in the world of family cars through the new Astra, which was designed to be among the most beautiful and most advanced vehicles for this year. The designers at Opel made sure that the new Astra combined in its design simplicity and features of technical development … Read more

Do you really want an Octavia Combi? The new Opel Astra Sports Tourer looks great, has a large boot and offers up to 225 hp

Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel Source: Opel The new generation of the Opel Astra was introduced in a station wagon version Compared to the basic hatchback, the Sports … Read more

The new-generation Opel Astra arrives in a station wagon body

After the September premiere of the hatchback, the German carmaker presents a station wagon version called the Sport Tourer. He thus follows in the footsteps of a close relative on the innovated modular platform EMP2 of the French branch of the Stellantis group, the new-generation Peugeot 308, which also did not betray the more practical … Read more

Another rocket startup company Astra successfully launched into orbit

Astra rocket 3.3 alreadyThird-degree launch failureAstra, a rocket start-up company, finally successfully launched into orbit earlier, joining the ranks of the few private companies that have the ability to launch into orbit. In Astra‚Äôs three previous orbit attempts, the first was a first-level rocket anomaly, which caused the rocket to fall back near the launch … Read more