One is Chilean: Astronomers discover a galaxy with a phenomenon never seen before

By: Felipe Alcaino Wednesday March 22, 2023 | 5:07 p.m. An important discovery about space was made by two astronomers, the Chilean Lorraine Hernandez, researcher at the Millennium Institute of Astrophysics MAS and Francesca Panessaof the Institute of Space Astrophysics and Planetology (IAPS-INAF) of Italy. It is about the study on a galaxy called “PBC … Read more

Astronomers protest internet satellites – obscuring the view

Internet satellites from companies like Spacex and Oneweb have contributed to an increased amount of light pollution and now want to astronomer that the authorities should do something about it, reports The Verge. Among other things, light pollution makes it more difficult for astronomers to carry out research that involves studying space and the universe. … Read more

The night sky is in serious danger

The night sky as we know it is in great danger: at least that is the diagnosis of many astronomers, who sound the alarm in countless publications. The launch of satellite constellations urgently needs to be regulated so as not to destroy the night sky. Let … The astronomical scientific community is sounding the alarm … Read more

Astronomers propose caps on night light and satellites to improve sky visibility

Artificial night light and mega-constellations of satellites, two factors that make it difficult to stargazinghas led a group of astronomers to request that both be regulated, proposing a strategy of limits and even considering the possibility of prohibiting large groups of vehicles placed in Earth orbit. An article published in Nature Astronomy and signed by … Read more

Alarm call from astronomers in the face of growing space pollution

Since the advent of mega-constellations – several thousand satellites sent in clusters – in 2019, initiated by the American Space X, the number of satellites has more than doubled and projects are multiplying to bring broadband from space . This colonization of low orbit (up to 2,000 kilometers altitude) congests traffic, increasing the risk of … Read more

What are the Sizes of the Largest and Smallest Asteroids in the Solar System? This Says Astronomers

Asteroid Apophis. ©2019 NASA Reporter: Hari Ariyanti – The asteroid caused the extinction of the dinosaurs millions of years ago, when a giant space rock hit Earth. But not all asteroids are Earth destroyers. Asteroids come in a variety of sizes, some small and some very large. So, what are the largest and smallest … Read more

Japanese Astronomers Record Bomb-like Flashes on the Moon, What Explosion?

A bomb-like flash is seen on the lunar surface. Photo/twitter TOKYO – Japanese astronomer and curator of the Hiratsuka City Museum, Daichi Fujii, managed to record a bomb-like flash on the moon’s surface. What’s that explosion? According to Fujii, the video footage captures a meteorite falling on the surface of the moon, which causes a … Read more

Meteorite crashing into the moon caught on camera by Japanese astronomers on Earth

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Often hear news there meteorite which fell to Earth after hitting the atmosphere and burning up in the air. This time, a meteorite fell to the Moon and was recorded by a camera on Earth. An astronomer in Japan managed to catch the flash of a meteorite as it hit the Moon, … Read more

Doomsday Prediction from Astronomers, Sun Heat Makes Earth Melt

Jakarta, Insertlive – Astronomers reveal about the condition of the Sun and predictions of the apocalypse that will occur in the entire solar system. According to astronomers, it is estimated that the sun is now 5 billion years old and has entered its middle age phase (middle age). It is predicted that the older the … Read more