Between Iftar and Suhoor.. Here are 5 interesting astronomical scenes that you will see with your own eyes in Ramadan | Sciences

The first of these phenomena will be on the evening of March 24, immediately after eating breakfast, for about an hour In the month of Ramadan this year, there will be an opportunity to observe a number of interesting astronomical events between the evening and dawn at the time of Suhoor. It does not require … Read more

The moon will occult Venus in Hong Kong on Friday night. If you miss it, you will have to wait another 40 years | Hong Kong Space Museum Information | Astronomical Phenomena

[The Epoch Times, March 20, 2023](Comprehensive report by Epoch Times reporter Lin Yishan from Hong Kong) On the evening of March 24 this year, Hong Kong will stage the astronomical phenomenon of “moon occultation of Venus”, when the moon will move between the earth and Venus time, and briefly cover Venus, making it impossible to … Read more

Observing the remains of an astronomical phenomenon dating back 1,800 years

) A camera searching for dark energy in the universe has captured what astronomers describe as the ghostly remnants of a supernova, a phenomenon known as a “supernova”, which Chinese scientists first detected 1,800 years ago. The phenomenon of “supernova” or “supernova” is known as an astronomical event that occurs during the last evolutionary stages … Read more

Euphoria season 3: Zendaya’s astronomical salary revealed

While season 3 of “Euphoria” is currently filming, Zendaya took the opportunity to renegotiate her contract with HBO. And the least we can say is that the star hit the jackpot. Euphoria : Generation Z In a few years, Sam Levinson has become one of the directors to follow at the moment. Indeed, his creative … Read more

Astronomical events of March 2023 bring a stellar wishing well and the first equinox of the year | Technology

The month of March arrives with the first change of season of the year, Venus at its best and a star cluster of wishes. There will be several astronomical events that the month of March 2023 brings with it. Among them They highlight the first equinox of the year, a stellar “wishing well” and some … Read more

Tonight’s night sky | Nightly Events March | Meteor Showers Tonight | Astronomical events March 2023

Here you will find information about all visible planets, comets, meteor showers and special celestial events in March 2023. Try the free astronomy app Sky Tonight to get an accurate view of the sky from your location every night. Contents Best visible night sky events Visible planets Northern hemisphere, evening See the prominent Venus (magnitude … Read more

Hey pictures:: Astronomical research issues a statement that Egypt has not been exposed to devastating earthquakes throughout its history

The “head” of the National Institute for Astronomical Research in Egypt, Jad Al-Qadi, said that no devastating earthquakes occurred in Egypt throughout its history, and this does not mean that we are safe from them, because the earthquake is a cosmic phenomenon that occurs without warning. Al-Qadi added, today, Saturday, in a press conference, that … Read more

The OAIL ITERA Team Observes the Astronomical Phenomena of Thor’s Helmet to the Flames of the Sun

ITERA NEWS. The ITERA Lampung Astronomy Observatory Team (OAIL) is active in making various observations of astronomical phenomena, as a means of developing science and utilizing the technology they have. Recently, the ITERA OAIL Team succeeded in observing two rare astronomical phenomena, namely the Thor’s Helmet Nebula and Prominensa phenomenon, commonly known as the flames … Read more

In pictures – the sky of Moscow is witnessing a rare astronomical phenomenon!

The Russian capital, Moscow, witnessed a rare astronomical phenomenon last night, as residents were able to see the planets Jupiter, the Moon and Venus in the sky at the same time.And according to what Russia Today reported on the Planetarium in Moscow via its Telegram channel earlier, it will be possible to observe the three … Read more – News – Air France-KLM took a break from “astronomical” trans-Siberian fees

The head of the Air France-KLM group, Ben Smith, came up with a curious statement. He boasted that the group felt exempt from the “astronomical” fees for flying the Trans-Siberian corridors between Europe and Asia. Ben Smith made the comments during a Feb. 17 investor conference call amid renewed demand for flights to China and … Read more