The baby bullies forced to go without social networks after attacking a 14-year-old

They will not be able to leave the house. They will not be able to use Facebook and Instagram. Three kids – two 16-year-olds and one 15-year-old, all Italians and all residing between Milan and the province – have been “stopped” in recent days by the carabinieri in execution of an order for the precautionary … Read more

Israel should think twice before attacking Iran

The former Israeli military intelligence boss warned his government should think twice before attacking Iran. Photo/Illustration TEL AVIV – Israel must refrain from attacking Iran’s nuclear facilities unless it has the capacity to destroy them completely. The warning was issued by the former head of Israel’s Military Intelligence Tamir Pardo. Speaking at a panel at … Read more

Stoltenberg warns Putin against attacking Ukraine: – It will cost

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg makes it clear that Russia’s use of force against Ukraine will have consequences. The tense situation at Ukraine’s borders is expected to be a major topic when NATO foreign ministers meet in Riga next week. Photo: Olivier Matthys / AP / NTB Published Published Yesterday 22:32 The tense situation at … Read more

Women in Indonesia Missed! Not just a lump, if you find this condition on the nipple, be aware that breast cancer is attacking – All Pages – Breast cancer is a disease that can target anyone. Although it affects more women, breast cancer can also attack men. This, of course, should be a concern for everyone. Also Read: Wives Don’t Get Unconscious! Learning from Agung Hercules, it turns out that these are the symptoms of brain cancer that are often … Read more

Herpes Zoster Vulnerable to Attacking Ages Over 50

People with herpes zoster are those who have previously had chickenpox. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, AMBON — As people age, people over the age of 50 are at risk herpes zoster or shingles (snake pox) caused by the varicella-zoster virus. It is characterized by the appearance of a water-filled nodule on one side of the body and is … Read more

The government is attacking the unvaccinated over 80s!

Let the “Great Seniors” still have the freedom of choice, these pressures on them to receive these experimental gene injections are intolerable and border on the abuse of weakness … A major Parisian daily has just released 2 pages with the following headline: Covid 19 – Those over 80 who refuse vaccinationThe header says verbatim; … Read more

Conti, the ransomware gang attacking Italy

The San Carlo (the food company famous for chips) and the the municipality of Turin are the latest victims, in chronological order, of the Conti ransomware group which seems to have targeted our country in particular: its malicious activity, in fact, had already been reported in a security bulletin published by CSIRT Italy precisely on … Read more

The man pictured is urgently wanted: attacking a minor with intent to commit sexual acts

The photo-robot depicts a man who, with intent to commit sexual acts, in Vilnius attacked a minor. Character of the man: about 50 m. age, about 180 cm tall, fine build, dark short hair, face wrinkled, lips thin, eyebrows raised. During the crime, the man wore a black jacket to his knees, followed by a … Read more

Paris player released after attacking her Algerian colleague

Paris Saint-Germain announced that the French police released the women’s soccer player, Aminatou Diallo, on Thursday, after the assault on a female teammate last week. On Wednesday, Saint-Germain said police had detained Diallo after opening an investigation into the alleged assault. L’Equipe newspaper reported that Diallo, 26, incited the injury of her French-Algerian colleague, Khaira … Read more

Turin, towards January: Miranchuk opportunity, but with 5 attacking midfielders in pink …

Verdi is the first suspect to leave to make room for the current Atalanta player Moving from Gasperini to Juric would certainly not be a trauma for Aleksey Miranchuk, Atalanta attacking midfielder who will most likely end up on the market in January and can represent an opportunity for several clubs. So far, the 26-year-old … Read more