I. Langait. How to attract more women to the Lithuanian technology sector?

Inga Langait, head of the Vienaragiai LT association. Photo of Judita Grigelyts (V). In the Lithuanian technology sector, there are too few female managers, managers, board members and other specialists, whose growth will increase the value of businesses. When we’re talking about gender equality in technology, we’re not talking about fighting someone, or that women … Read more

On the eve of the strike, the “Teaching Force” educational project will try to attract 100 new applicants

Currently, 34 applicants have successfully passed all three rounds of the teacher education project “Mācītspēks”. Until today, 146 candidates applied for the selection, 52 candidates participated in the second selection round, 45 candidates – in the third, of which 34 have already passed the selection. In general, the project plans to attract 100 applicants by … Read more

Do you need to attract love into your life or increase your self-confidence? These stones will help you with that

Do you want to attract love, new friendships into your life, or do you have a health problem that you need help with? Experience the power of healing stones. People have believed in their abilities since time immemorial and carry them with them not only as decoration, but also as a means of alleviating some … Read more

To attract recruits, Canadian police rent a Corvette

In February, the Ontario police took advantage of an auto show to present their version of a Corvette Z06. Something to make future recruits dream of! The canadian police would it encounter some recruitment difficulties? In February, on the occasion of « Canadian International AutoShow » of 2023, the Ontario Provincial Police put forward a model of … Read more

Shining Premier Li Keqiang’s report, China aims to attract foreign investors to boost the economy.

South China Morning Post – analysts expect China hopes to rely on foreign investment to drive economic recovery and help avoid China being cut off from the global trade chain. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivered a government work report at the opening session of the National People’s Congress. On Sunday (March 5), which was the … Read more

Netflix has cut prices in some markets to attract more users

Netflix, the world’s largest streaming TV platform, is cutting prices in several of its smaller markets to ensure that a recent rebound in subscriber numbers grows amid increased competition and inflationary pressures that are forcing more households to rein in spending. The lower prices, which went into effect earlier this week, affect more than 30 … Read more

To attract overseas tourists to Hong Kong, the government announced new arrangements on Thursday

Tourism Board Airport Authority Culture and Sports Bureau The government has significantly relaxed anti-epidemic measures, but the number of inbound tourists has not increased significantly. The Secretary for Culture and Sports, Yang Runxiong, admitted in the Legislative Council at the beginning of the month that there is still a big gap between the current number … Read more

[국제]Thailand, ‘all-out effort’ to attract Chinese tourists… Korean community is also expected

[앵커] Unlike each country raising the level of quarantine for entrants from China, Thailand is deregulating entry and is working hard to welcome Chinese, who are the biggest players in the tourism industry. There are concerns about the possibility of the spread of Corona 19, but our compatriots and local industry workers are expecting the … Read more

Saudi Arabia to Immediately Open Casino, Attract Israeli Tourists and Investors

Jakarta – Arab Saudi said to have begun to open its doors to tourists and investors from Israel. One of the collaborations that was made was to build a casino. Currently, Saudi Arabia does not have diplomatic relations with Israel. However, the cooperation that will be developed has been initiated since 2016. Regarding tourism, Saudi … Read more

Like the Goddess Aphrodite! 3 This zodiac has the advantage of being able to attract the opposite sex with its charm

WonosoboZone – Some people will certainly pay attention to their appearance as attractive as possible. This can create a feeling of pleasure within. Of course, this feeling can be felt by some zodiac This is because he has an allure for the opposite sex. The ability in her to be captivating is like looking enchanting … Read more