Closing of 23 CGD branches. PCP demands reversal of the process and wants to hear Medina – Atualidade

“What is required is to stop the process of closing branches and reverse this process, particularly reopening a set of branches that played a role of proximity to the populations”, says the PCP note sent to the newsrooms. In the same note, the communist party explains that the State bank is preparing to close another … Read more

Lisbon: Municipal Assembly refuses to stop proposal to reduce speed in the city by 10 km/h — but wants independent study – Atualidade

At issue is the proposal of Livre in the Lisbon Chamber, approved on May 11, which determines the reduction by 10 kilometers per hour (km/h) of the maximum speed of circulation in the city and the elimination of car traffic on Avenida da Liberdade at Sundays and holidays. Although the municipal executive subsequently approved, on … Read more

ASAE received 400 complaints about fuel prices – Atualidade

“We will keep a close eye on the market as in everything else”, and it is still being evaluated whether ASAE will return to the “field” to monitor the evolution of fuel prices, said Pedro Portugal Gaspar, in an interview with Antena 1 and Jornal de Negócios. After mentioning that these “400 complaints are being … Read more

João Félix and girlfriend have dinner with Conceição’s son after the dragons triumph in Luz – Atualidade

Atletico Madrid player watched the match between the eagles and FC Porto. João Félix and his girlfriend, Margarida Corceiro, had dinner this Saturday with one of the sons of FC Porto coach Sérgio Conceição, after the dragons became national football champions at the Luz stadium. The former Benfica player watched the match between the eagles … Read more

PSP director understands that “the police feel wronged”, but will not advance a complaint against the president of the SEF union – Atualidade

In Belas, Sintra, as part of the commemorations of the 14th anniversary of the PSP’s Special Police Unit, Magina da Silva denied to journalists that she will file a criminal complaint against Acácio Pereira, president of the Union of Career Investigation and Inspection of the Service. of Foreigners and Borders (SCIF/SEF). Despite understanding that “the … Read more

PSP detains 15 people and seizes 15 tons of catalysts – Atualidade

The information was given to the Lusa agency by the sub-commissioner Laura Bicheiro. “15 arrests were made and 15 tons of catalysts were seized, 17 thousand euros in cash, a firearm, 30 gold pieces, 11 medium/high-end vehicles, cell phones and catalyst cutting material”, enumerated the sub-commissioner. , stressing that these are still provisional figures. According … Read more

Are you 50 years old? Your driving license may have expired. There are 44 thousand Portuguese in this situation – Atualidade

In all, 44,566 Portuguese drivers aged 50 years failed to renew their driving license in 2021. The figures were transmitted by the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (IMT) to the Newspaperand driving with an expired driving license incurs a fine of up to 600 euros. According to the director of the exam center of … Read more

Surprises in the area of ​​public health will be frequent, warns intensivist who remembers the difference between “endemic” and “benignity” – Atualidade

“This pandemic has to result in the clear perception that the unpredictable will, predictably, happen more often”, said José Artur Paiva in an interview with the Lusa agency. Recalling the context in which we live, from globalization, the proximity of the animal kingdom to the human kingdom, or climate change and the evolution of microorganism … Read more

Deadline for self-employed workers to submit a declaration to Social Security ends today – Atualidade

“It is recalled that self-employed workers have to submit the annual declaration and the delivery of the 4th quarterly declaration until the 31st of January”, can be read in the publication. The annual declaration must be submitted to Social Security by all self-employed workers who in the 2021 calendar year submitted at least one quarterly … Read more

Two men in preventive detention for kidnapping and kidnapping a woman in Amadora – Atualidade

In addition to these two men, a woman who is pregnant was detained and who was released with the obligation of periodic presentations to the authorities, said the same PJ source. Three people were arrested on Tuesday on suspicion of having kidnapped, kidnapped and assaulted a 33-year-old woman in Amadora, in the Lisbon district, in … Read more