Audiences: What score for the launch of “Randonneuses” on TF1 against “Bardot” on France 2?

“The hikers”, “Married at first sight”, “Bardot”, “The Emperor of Paris” … The audiences for Monday, May 15, 2023. HIKERS 4,681,000 viewers SERIE 21.9% MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT 2,340,000 viewers DOCUMENTARY 11% BARDOT 2,216,000 viewers SERIE 10.4% THE EMPEROR OF PARIS 1,783,000 viewers FILM 9.1% COMMISSIONER MAGELLAN 1,050,000 viewers SERIE 5.4% Mediametry – Mediamat; reproduction … Read more

Pictures .. 4 scenes ignited the audience’s enthusiasm at Amr Diab’s concert at the American University

12:38 PM Saturday, May 13, 2023 I wrote – Mona Al-Muji: Yesterday, Friday evening, the artist Amr Diab performed a big concert at the American University in New Cairo, in the presence of a large audience. The concert, which was announced under the title retro or the night of memories, was a return to the … Read more

Capture the audience’s heart with life suspense The director of “The Long Season” explains in detail the secrets of success in producing high-scoring dramas-International Online

Capture the hearts of the audience with the suspense of life The director of “The Long Season” explains in detail the secrets of success in producing high-scoring dramas The web drama “The Long Season” that just ended has created a new round of ratings boom. This suspenseful life drama created by the original crew of … Read more

Watch Hala Al-Turk crying in the arms of Dr. Kholoud, arousing the audience’s sympathy

The pioneers of social networking shared a video clip in which Dr. Kholoud appeared in an emotional and influential situation during her visit to Hala Al-Turk in the scenes of her latest theatrical performance, Nothing Like Zen.Dr. Kholoud appeared with her entire family, as her husband, Amin, and their four children were with her, on … Read more

A PT-Inspired Horror Game Surprises Audiences With Its Hyper-Realistic Graphics: It Will Be Playable Soon And It Is A New Show Of The Power Of Unreal Engine 5 – PC

Paranormal Tales was announced last year, but has gained traction thanks to the announcement of a very similar game. April 24, 2023, 23:30 – Updated April 26, 2023, 09:17 It is increasingly common to see the trailer of a video game and consider very seriously if it is not a real recording. Just a few … Read more

The story of the classic that made audiences dance in theaters 40 years ago

LOS ANGELES – APR 15: The film ‘Flashdance’, directed by Adrian Lyne. Seen here, Jennifer Beals as Alex Owens. Initial theatrical release on April 15, 1983. Screenshot. Paramount Pictures. (CBS Photo via Getty Images) The cinematic experience of sharing a story with strangers in movie theaters is unique, but rarely does a movie get physical … Read more

Guizhou Rural Basketball Crazy All Over China | “Village BA” Outdoor Finals Attracts 20,000 Live Audiences | Fitz Sports Platform

The first “Beautiful Village Basketball League” finals in Guizhou Province was held in Taipan Village, Taijiang County on March 26. In the final, the Qiandongnan team played against the Zunyi team. In the end, Qiandongnan won the championship with a score of 79:69 at home. In fact, the results of the game are not the … Read more

The latest appearance of Maya Diab’s mother and daughter, celebrating Mother’s Day. Their beauty is the audience’s talk

The Lebanese artist, Maya Diab, celebrated Mother’s Day, through a photo session in which she, her mother, and her daughter Kay participated, and they appeared in the pictures with each other, and Maya wrote commenting: “The mother… where life begins and where life ends. The rest are fun details.” Followers quickly interacted with the pictures … Read more

See every detail, feel every moment throbbing: Samsung’s giant Neo QLED makes the video content vividly before the eyes, widening the audience’s eyes – Samsung Newsroom Taiwan

The scene of putting your face close to the TV screen, just to see every detail and movement clearly, is no longer seen. Today, large-screen TVs are not only warmly welcomed by movie fans, but also the first choice for consumers, and their market share has skyrocketed. With the development of home TVs towards large … Read more

Pictures – Model Rose grabs the attention with her look from the forest and her dress, which is the audience’s talk

Model Rose shows off her grace from the woods and sparks controversy with her dress The Saudi model, Model Rose, appeared on the audience with a set of new photos, which she documented from her latest photo session, and caught the audience’s attention with her grace. Rose looked very elegant, as she underwent a photo … Read more