Expert Calls Budi Gunawan’s Statement About Jokowi’s Aura to Prabowo Has Bad Impact on BIN

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Constitutional law expert Herlambang P. Wiratraman said the statement by the Head of the State Intelligence Agency or BIN Budi Gunawan matter of aura Jokowi some have been to Prabowo negative impact on the intelligence institution. Herlambang said that BIN as a government institution should have boundaries, limiting involvement in partisan politics. … Read more

Nong Nuea, Disraya, wears a white bikini to show off her hot body. splashing aura Ugh…so full of shit!

Nong Nuea, Disraya, is splashing hot again. with a cool picture in a white bikini Showing off a perfect body, hot, eye-popping, big breasts, and abdominal muscles. I don’t know where to focus. Photo from Instagram nurdesoraya It’s called never really revealing sexiness for Nong Nuea Disraya The beautiful daughter of Mother Kob Paphatsara and … Read more

Mother of God! The famous star served two peaches savory. Showing off her mother’s aura on the beach, sexy, full of ten, no undertones

Mother of God! famous star Spicy two-peice bikinis served from famous brands. Showing off her mother’s aura Walk and take photos chilling on the beach. This event is ten full of sexy. Age is really just a number. For the mother of two actors Ae Pornthip where spiciness increases with age Day by day, it … Read more

Ha Ji-won, is it possible to enjoy swimming everyday like this? unique aura

[마이데일리 = 이승길 기자] Actress Ha Ji-won revealed her elegant daily life. On the 29th, Ha Ji-won uploaded a picture of herself having a leisurely time at the swimming pool. In the photo, Ha Ji-won is enjoying a cup of tea while wearing a black swimsuit. Ha Ji-won’s beauty with her wet hair pulled back … Read more

Luna Maya and Syahrini, broken hearted, disappointed vs dark aura, this is Reino Barack’s true confession…

Hops ID – Since Barack Kingdom and Syahrini married a few years ago, their lives have not escaped the attention of netizens, even the two of them are still associated with someone in the past like Luna Maya. As is well known, before marriage Syahrini, Barack Kingdom have long been in love with Luna Maya … Read more

Stunningly beautiful! The beauty of Pai Liu, Miss Grand Nakhon Phanom Aura has come a long way

Shining the popularity of Pai Liu, Kamalwalai, Miss Grand Nakhon Phanom Aura has come a long way She is half Thai-Vietnamese and currently working as Assistant Cultural Ambassador. It is another beauty pageant stage that really overtakes the curve for Miss Grand Thailand. Who is now in the search for Miss 2023 from different provinces … Read more

The 3 Laziest Shios in the Universe! Sustenance Drag and Dim Aura

Sonora.ID – Here’s a row zodiac the laziest in the universe, needing sustenance drag and dim aura. Everyone must be born with a different character. There are those who have a diligent character and always do a lot of positive activities, but there are also those who are lazy. Like the three zodiacs below, they … Read more

Very spicy! “Four Sakonrat” wears a bikini to show off her chubby figure Reveal white skin, aura, hit the eyes

Very spicy! “Four Sakonrat” wears a bikini to show off her chubby figure Reveal white skin, aura, hit the eyes It’s called having to raise the position, the more single, the more delicious it is for another person. For the singer Four Sakonrat Woraurai, because since entering the mode of being a single woman Always … Read more