Quarantine has been imposed at the Vidzeme hospital from next Monday

Relatives will be allowed to visit patients only with the permission of the attending physician, if the patient’s health condition is assessed as very serious. Visiting the patient is allowed for one person at a time, staying with the patient for no longer than 15 minutes, using an FFP2, FFP3 respirator or a surgical face … Read more

“Your leadership is leading the country to destruction,” – the former journalist of Russia’s “First Channel” sends a package to Putin

On her Facebook page, Agalakova published a photo with awards and a note addressed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. It says that Putin’s leadership is “leading the country to destruction” and that she considers the awards unacceptable. She also published a photo with a postal receipt showing the address “Moscow, Kremlin, for Vladimir Putin”. On … Read more

At the airports of St. Petersburg and Moscow, all men are heavily screened

It is mainly asked when the ticket was bought, whether the person is subject to military service and whether he has received a summons. According to the users of social networks who shared their observations, basically everyone manages to get to their flights. However, due to the slow check-in procedure, there were heavy traffic jams … Read more

Orban wants to achieve the lifting of EU sanctions against Russia by the end of the year

Sanctions were “imposed on Europeans by Brussels bureaucrats”, Orbán was quoted as saying by the pro-government newspaper “Magyar Nemzet”. On Wednesday evening, Orban addressed the conference of the ruling party “Fidesz” in Balatonalmādi. “These sanctions are causing economic problems, an energy crisis and inflation,” the prime minister said. Orbán has continued to maintain good relations … Read more

Europe used to be divided by politics. Will it be electric cars soon? – Magazine – Car

Three quarters of electric cars are sold in the four richest EU countries, and half of all public charging stations are even in just two EU countries. Photo: BMW There are currently over 300,000 public chargers in the EU. To meet the declared climate goals, however, we need 6.8 million of them by 2030. Politicians … Read more

Mitsubishi’s popular SUV is making a comeback. The new ASX is Renault with three diamonds

It has been more than two years since Mitsubishi announced that it would withdraw from the European market due to low sales. In the end, it reassessed its position, but significantly reduced the model range, the basis of which will also be rebranded Renaults. The first of these was unveiled last night: the new ASX … Read more

THE BALL – Italians place Benfica and Gil Vicente players in the best under-23 eleven (photos) (Italy)

The international stop paved the way for swings in terms of club football. Using the Delphix platform, the Corriere dello Sport released, this Wednesday, who is the under-23 eleven that is having the best performances at the beginning of 2022/23. After analyzing the nine most ranked leagues in European football, Portugal places two representatives. In … Read more

THE BALL – Benfica player played with hand painted number (Women’s Football)

The 9 turned… 28. Funny moment at the beginning of the 2nd half of the match between Benfica and Rangers, in Glasgow, of the 2nd round of the Women’s Champions League. Nycole Raysla was released after the break and appeared with the number on the jersey painted… by hand. This is because the Brazilian is … Read more