They avoided the giants. Šilhavý thanks Lothar, Captain Souček is very happy with the lot

They rested. At the last possible moment, they escaped both Italy and Portugal. “I am just happy with the lot. We avoided the two biggest giants, which was important both in the semifinals and in the eventual finals for the World Cup, “emphasizes Captain Tomáš Souček. In the semifinals of the playoffs, we will challenge … Read more

Could the July floods have been avoided? “A program sends forecasts up to 27 hours in advance with different scenarios”

Posted on Friday, November 26, 2021 at 05h55 Through Benoit Jacquemart This Friday, the Walloon Parliament’s Commission of Inquiry into the July floods meets again. With a cdH which goes on the offensive, quantified statements in support. “The unpredictable had been foreseen,” he says. And yet, nothing has changed. Already, Friday, November 19, the humanist … Read more

what it is, how it works and why it should be avoided

WhatsApp Delta is a new alternative version, therefore unofficial, of the messenger owned by Meta (the company formerly called Facebook). The platform allows some things that many of us expect in the official system, such as scheduling messages and editing them. This alternative system has other features, such as lighting or highlighting chats, to use … Read more

Tell the Family at Home That This Type of Food Should Be Avoided Because It Can Trigger Cholesterol Rise – All Pages foods that can cause cholesterol to rise – The type of food consumed will definitely affect the health in the body. So Moms have to be careful when eating any type of food. Especially if you are a cholesterol sufferer. People who suffer from cholesterol disease should pay attention to the food they … Read more

While she was tied up: Girl wrote to her father on WhatsApp and avoided robbery at her house in Las Condes – Nacional

Carabinieri arrested two people who were surprised carrying out a robbery inside a home in Las Condes. The individuals arrived at a home located on Quebrada Honda street, entering and binding the two women who were inside the house: a girl and a home counselor. But the girl managed to quickly write to her father … Read more

Lupus Relapse, These 5 Foods Should Be Avoided, Jakarta – Lupus is a health condition when the body’s immune system attacks the body’s own cells, tissues, or organs. There is no cure for this condition, but a healthy diet can help reduce symptoms and their recurrence. Usually when lupus occurs, the body’s immune system attacks healthy tissue inadvertently. This disorder can cause … Read more

Lukashenka “has avoided this step so far”. In a conversation with Putin, he threw a “veiled joke”

Experts interviewed by the independent Our Niwa, see Lukashenka’s consent to start implementing 28 integration maps, now known as union programs, as concessions to the Kremlin. – Russia gets what it wants to pursue its interests in Belarus. It’s transit Belarus to Russia, gradual, but still The former diplomat pointed out Paweł Macukiewicz. As he … Read more

Settled in Quebec for three years: his deportation was avoided at the last minute

A man of Tunisian origin living in Quebec for more than three years learned at the very last minute that his deportation was canceled. Firas Bouzgarrou was at the airport when he received the call telling him that he did not have to leave the country. The latter had received his deportation notice at the … Read more

Professor Augutis on the fourth wave of COVID-19: strict restrictions will not be avoided

“A full closure might not be necessary, but we all know very well that most cases are now generated by those who come through the school, through those fireplaces: not directly in schools, but simply in transit to families. “Schools should have been shut down from this chain for at least a month, in my … Read more

J.Starinskaitė heard a frightening diagnosis: operations avoided, but silence awaits | Names

Justė felt the first symptoms already in the beginning of September – suddenly her voice began to growl and squeak. This change was unexpected because the change in voice could not be caused by a cold – then she was completely healthy. The performer assures that she knows her voice perfectly, so the resulting sound … Read more