ECD notices some level of awareness among shopkeepers in Para

During regular inspections in the Para district, the Economic Control Service (ECD) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Entrepreneurship and Technological Innovation (EZ) has observed that shopkeepers are complying with the permit conditions. In particular, the application of prices to basic goods that is one of the requirements included in the license was often neglected … Read more

Côte d’Ivoire / A day of awareness and free screening for viral hepatitis in San Pedro

San Pedro, Jul 28, 2021 (AIP) – The Association for the Promotion of Women’s, Mother’s, Child’s and Family’s Health (APROSAM) and the NGO inter Médecins du Monde initiated on Wednesday July 28, 2021, in San Pedro, a day of awareness and free screening of viral hepatitis, for drug users. Initiated as part of the commemoration … Read more

The Mauricie Cardiovascular Center announces an awareness day and expansion of its gymnasium | News | The Nouvelliste

The awareness day will also include a corn roast, as well as a large walk in Laviolette Park with the clinic’s kinesiologists and cardiologists. It will be organized by IDE Trois-Rivières. Clinic co-founder Dr Ying Tung Sia stressed the importance of preventing heart disease, since heart disease is treatable, but usually incurable. “More than 20% … Read more

Press Center: Heart failure: raising awareness in primary school

In order to avoid the 40-year-old accident, the French Society of Cardiology is raising awareness among primary school children by organizing a fun day on heart failure. EPOF. Behind this acronym lie alarming symptoms, which can lead to tragedy. E for shortness of breath, P for rapid weight gain, O for edema, F for fatigue. … Read more

Heart failure: raising awareness from elementary school

EPOF. Behind this acronym lie alarming symptoms, which can lead to tragedy. E for shortness of breath, P for rapid weight gain, O for edema, F for fatigue. The four conjugates leave no doubt as to the profile of the patient who presents this clinical picture corresponding to a cardiac pathology. In order to avoid … Read more

English club release transparent jersey to raise awareness about prostate cancer (photos)

Bedale AFC, an amateur club playing in England, has struck again. Specialists in wacky but always funny jerseys, the team unveiled their new jersey for the next season. And the latter is surprisingly, since it is … totally transparent. The goal is simple: raise awareness about prostate cancer. Actions are carried out each year by … Read more

Audiovisual piracy on the decline after the pandemic – Cinema

The pandemic represented a condition of exceptionality for all sectors, also with regard to audiovisual piracy, a phenomenon still important in our country but which, one year after the lockdown, is returning to the ranks of “normality”, with an overall incidence of 38 % in the last 12 months and a decrease in illicit acts … Read more

[US Market Conditions]S & P500 Highest Price, Awareness of FOMC Agenda-Government Bond Rise-Bloomberg

Every morning we deliver world news that you want to keep track of before you start your day.To Bloomberg Newsletter The US stock market rose on the 7th, and the S & P 500 stock index and the Nasdaq Composite index reached their highest levels. US Treasuries are also rising.Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC)AgendaIt was … Read more

S&P 500 rose for seven consecutive days and continued to record highs, but market defense awareness is increasing | Anue juheng-US stocks

Bloomberg reported that as inflation concerns have eased and economic indicators are strengthening, the Federal Reserve Committee (Fed) remains accommodative. The S&P 500 index closed for seven consecutive days this week and continued to set new highs. The market seems to be singing and dancing. However, in fact, the awareness of market defense is increasing, … Read more

Faris Al Mazrouei: Community awareness… a protective shield

Abu Dhabi (Etihad) His Excellency Major General Pilot Faris Khalaf Al Mazrouei, Commander-in-Chief of Abu Dhabi Police, stressed the importance of concerted efforts between the various institutional and societal bodies to stand as an impenetrable bulwark against drugs and to combat this deadly scourge that does not differentiate between young and old, male and female, … Read more