Great! This bird can imitate the sound of a baby’s cry, amazes people : Okezone Travel

A Lyrebirds at the Sydney Zoo, Australia show off in extraordinary action. Yes, bird It surprised people because it sang by imitating the sound of a human baby’s cry. Taronga Zoo in Sydney posted the video and it went viral after being viewed more than 500,000 times on social media. The Lyrebird Echo’s amazing abilities … Read more

Gustavo and Karlis threw a big party to announce their baby’s gender

Karlis Romero and Gustavo Elis do everything related to the baby waiting for a great event, as happens with many new parents. This time, the Venezuelan couple shared images of the great party they organized to let friends and family know the sex of their first child. And it was in style. Both the model … Read more

How it was and what look Noelia Marzol chose for the first walk with her son Donatello, after the baby’s long hospitalization – Paparazzi Magazine

Noelia Marzol He is radiant and it shows. It is that, after almost a month of hospitalization in the Otamendi Sanatorium, since their baby was born a little earlier than expected and had to stay in neonatology, they finally received a medical discharge. And this week, days away from getting home with Donatello and her … Read more