Rokas Baciuška explained the tactics he had taken to win in Dakar: another Lithuanian crew helped

Deciding to start in Dakar, R. Baciuška collected the budget for the competition not very easily. Despite the guy’s achievements in other motorsports, I had to turn to the fans several times, and the situation was improved by joining the team just before the rally. “Agrorodeo“Company. However, how the situation will change after R. Baciuška … Read more

Fantastic day for Lithuanians in Dakar: Damage did not leave Sainz, Baciuška won the prize

In total, the racers will have to cover a little over 500 kilometers, and one of the most important procedures will be waiting after the finish: you will have to go to the finish podium of the Dakar Rally. Paradoxically, without this race, even the pilots who have shown the best results of the rally … Read more

Lithuanians in Dakar get angry: Damage regains important position, Baciuška triumphs in the tenth stage

Follow the hottest news from the Dakar Rally. Dakar 2022: The twelfth day Tomas Jančys and Irmantas Bražiūnas finished. They both tentatively finished the tenth stage in 17th place. Upon reaching the finish, the crew shared that technical problems were avoided, the pace was good, but the buggy was still hot. Gintas Petrus and … Read more

Baciuška, who is close to the leaders, is not in the fight for seconds yet: the rally is long, a lot can happen

“On Monday, most of the speed section was very fast, we just drove two hundred kilometers at maximum speed. Only the last 50 kilometers were working, where we had to get tired of the dunes. But this is where we drank our time, so I think everything is according to plan, “said after the finish.”Southracing”Team … Read more

Rokas Baciuška “gave images” in private South racing tests

“Those new buggies went to Dakar and we didn’t even sit in them normally. They are a little different – the chassis has been improved, the shock absorbers have been replaced, the seat has changed, some other details that should have improved the reliability and stability of the car, ”says Rokas Baciuška. Southracing is the … Read more