Microsoft partners with mindfulness app Calm to turn game soundtracks into calming background sounds

Microsoft recentAnnounceCooperate with Calm, a mindfulness app service, to authorize the game soundtracks of “Halo: Infinite” and “Sea of ​​Thieves”, so that users can play them through the Calm service as background sounds that can calm the mind. In this cooperation, Microsoft emphasized that it will be able to use the Calm service to allow … Read more

“War in Ukraine. Causes, consequences, background”: the book to understand a complex conflict

A work to tell as completely as possible the dramatic conflict in Ukraine. It will be presented tomorrow, December 3rd a Roma the book War in Ukraine. Causes, consequences, background, edited by Sandro Teti Publisher. The publication, edited by Elisabetta Burba, was attended by 13 authors, authoritative experts on the subject. The result is one … Read more

They reveal the whereabouts of Jack Ma, the Chinese tycoon who founded Alibaba and was missing two years ago

He has been living in Tokyo for 6 months since his relationship with Beijing deteriorated, according to a report. The billionaire founder of Ali Baba, Jack Mait’s found living in tokyo for six months after the deterioration of his relationship with the authorities of China and his disappearance from public life in that country, according … Read more

In the background there is room 2022: Alessia and Kimberly pulled their hair out for Jimmy

After managing to circumvent the security of Doña Francesca (Yvonne Frayssinet), the daughter of Delilah (ceballos) reached the room of the young chef and attacked her mercilessly, however, he never imagined that he would be in trouble. And it is that the daughter of Diego Montalban (John Ciccia) defended herself and did not hesitate to … Read more

Luxury label Balenciaga is under criticism: the background

A little girl is standing on the sofa. It is holding a teddy bear in its hands, while the stuffed animal is wearing a leather sadomasochistic harness. Another image clearly shows court documents from the 2008 United States vs. Williams case, which ruled that prohibiting the distribution of child pornography did not violate freedom of … Read more

In the background there is room 2022: Tito was impressed with Teresita’s radical change of look

Tito (Laszlo Kovacs) he saw Teresita (Magdyel Ugaz) more beautiful than ever and did not hesitate to shower her with praise at first. Richard Jr.’s mother revealed that she got a new job and that his look is part of that venture. Teresita was dressed in red and with a high hairstyle, a look that … Read more

The Pope dismissed the president of Caritas Internationalis. Scandal in the background

An Italian layman, engineer Pier Francesco Pinelli, was appointed by the pope as Extraordinary Commissioner of Caritas Internationalis. This is the result of the work of an independent commission that examined the activities of the Caritas federation. The secretary general of Caritas Internationalis, Aloysius John, who was appointed to the position in 2019, was also … Read more

McKennie: ‘Signing with Juve was the best day! I’ll tell you about the call with Pirlo and all the background on Ronaldo’

A few days before the World break and leaving Turin for Qatar, Weston McKennie gave a long interview to the US channel Kwik Goal. Here is an excerpt from the long interview: APPROACH TO THE WORLD – “I’m taking it relatively calmly. It’s like Christmas, in December you’re anxious for it to arrive but it’s … Read more

Yes or no to vaccines: how much cultural background matters

The values ​​and beliefs that shape our perception of reality can have a significant influence on behaviors affecting public health. The confirmation comes from a study on the anti-Covid vaccination campaign in the USA. Covid and vaccines On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) proclaimed the Covid-19 pandemic. The very rapid spread of … Read more