Final Fantasy Origin: All about the Bahamut DLC of Stranger of Paradise!

Game News Final Fantasy Origin: All about the Bahamut DLC of Stranger of Paradise! Published on 07/08/2022 at 08:10 On the occasion of the release of the first DLC of Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin dedicated to Bahamut, we were able to ask some questions to Daisuke Inoue, co-director of the game, to find … Read more

[Video Game Crazy]Games such as “FF VII Ever Crisis”, “Moore Manor”, “Exploding Cat” and “Heroes of the King’s Collar” in the mobile phone weekly newspaper – Bahamut

Bahamut Game Madness introduces a total of 10 mobile games this week, including theAce Attorney 123 Best of Wing Po Hall“Compilation of the first 3 works, fantasy hero style card game “Hero Realms”, returning to childhood memories “Moore Park》、 Combining development, management and tactical strategy gameplay》king hero》、《Hypnosis Mic -Alternative Rap Battle-“launched the traditional Chinese version, … Read more

“Super cute water fruits! ~ Sousei Daiki Yosui Fruit Girl ~ ”Chinese version at Johren Flatbed 《Furutsu Furukyuto! ~ The Great Tree of Creation and the Maiden of Fruits ~ >> –Bahamut Gamer’s Special

The Japanese game platform “Johren” announced that Benge School’s turn-based RPG “The fruit is super cute! ~Creating the Tree and the Fruit Girl~(Original name: ふるーつふるきゅーと! ~Chuangsheng の big tree and fruit の Otome~)” Chinese version has been officially launched, strawberries, oranges, apples, grapes, cantaloupe, blueberries, kiwi, lemon and other fruits are all incarnations With the … Read more

Sword and magic plus brain opening! “Two Point Campus” Early Access Report of the Academy of Knights and Magic “Two Point Campus” – Bahamut

SEGA will officially launch the “Game of Thrones” on PC and major game platforms on August 10, 2022Two Point Hospital“The team’s new work”Double Point Campus(Two Point Campus)”, recently at the official invitation, Bahamut GNN pre-emptively experienced the latest media preview version including the four early stages of the game, except for the first stage “Fleish … Read more

505 Games releases the latest news on Serial Cleaners, Gunfire, and Night City Rhapsody – Bahamut

Game publisher 505 Games has announced upcoming game releases, including stealth action gameserial cleaners(Serial Cleaners)》、《Gunfire Rebirth(Gunfire Reborn)” and the new game “Night City Rhapsody(Nivalis》。 《Night City Rhapsody》 Officially revealed that a fantasy, cyberpunk life simulation game “Night City Rhapsody“. Last Sunday (6/12), it released its first game preview for the first time at the PC … Read more

Fan-made “Thriller: Alyx” new module Levitation public real machine show film “Half-Life: Alyx” – Bahamut

At the PC Gaming Show, an online presentation today, the fan-made, VR game “Trembling Plane: AlyxShowcase video of the mod Levitation, this free mod is about 4-5 hours of action-adventure game content. 《Trembling Plane: AlyxThe mod Levitation, developed by FMPONE in conjunction with G-Man meme maker Corey Laddo and other volunteer makers, tells the story … Read more

“Soulstice” will be launched in September, combining the advantages of the two sisters to unleash the true fighting potential – Bahamut

Game publisher Modus Games announced today at the 2022 PC Gaming Show that the action-adventure game “The Reply Game Studios” developed by Reply Game Studiossoul of soul(Soulstice)” will be released on September 20, and new films will be released simultaneously. 【Notice! The following videos contain restricted content such as violence or exposure, please do not … Read more

Minecraft Minecraft launches action-strategy game Minecraft: Legends set to debut in 2023 – Bahamut

At the “Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase” live conference held by Microsoft today (13), the new action strategy game “Minecraft” series “Minecraft” was released.minecraft: legend(Temporary translation, Minecraft Legends)” news, the game is currently scheduled to debut in 2023. The “Minecraft Minecraft” series, which is widely praised by players around the world, officially released the news … Read more

Rogue-Lite stunt shooter “MADSHOT” opens early access to “MADSHOT” on Steam – Bahamut

Game publisher HOOK and independent game developer Overflow announced the fast-paced Rogue-lite stunt shooter “MADSHOT》Officially opened Steam Early Access。 The R&D team said, “MADSHOT》 will take players on an adrenaline-pumping backflip journey to correct the mistakes they made when they were fighting for immortality. Players prepare to face terrifying monsters and challenge multi-stage boss battles … Read more

“Nobunaga’s Ambition Reborn” Public Game System Introduction Video The Fourth “Coming Out” – Bahamut

Taiwan’s Koei Tecmo announced today (6/10) the latest work in the “Nobunaga’s Ambition” series, KOU SHIBUSAWA’s 40th anniversary commemorative work “Nobunaga’s Ambition” seriesNobunaga’s Ambition Reborn“Chinese version (Steam / PS4 / Nintendo Swtich) game system introduction video, the fourth bullet “Battle”. product Overview product name:Nobunaga’s Ambition Reborn(Chinese Version) Game Type: History Simulation Game Release Date: July … Read more