Bai An’s new album “No One Writes Songs for You ALL ABOUT YOU” is online jqknews

Bai An’s fourth creative album “No one wrote songs for you, ALL ABOUT YOU” was officially released on the 31st. Work together. The MV of the same name titled “No One Writes Songs for You” invited Chen Haosen, the leading actor of “The Name Engraved in Your Heart”, to co-star. The MV was played in … Read more

V12 3-2 Guizhou Bai Nian Fu Liang scored a goal_TOM Sports

At 12:200 on July 31st, hosted by Guizhou Sports Online, guided by Guiyang Olympic Sports Center, and co-organized by Guiyang Olympic Games Operation CenterGuiyang Olympic Sports Center Charm Night The 21st Guiyang Amateur Football Division C LeagueThe third game of the tenth round ended at Linquan Football Park,V12 3-2Guizhou Bainian。 V12 Fu Liang, Rao Xun, … Read more

“Bai Toei” would like to show off the style of “DJ Man”, very cool. The size is delicious.

Baitoey Suteewan or Baitoey R Siam to brag abouthusband With being a guest on the start of a new program of Pumpui Pantipha, the wife of young singer Kawin Duval, who sits on the podium as the host of the program “Khon Uat Hua” on YouTube Channel One Playground, launches EP.1 Bai Toei Uat DJ … Read more

Mike Piromporn debuts as his son-in-law Hosting a Bai Sri Su Kwan event

behindMike Piromporn, a popular luk thung singer Collect money to send three daughters to study in Canada and travel to visit their daughters in Canada Witnessing the love of “Nong May”, the eldest daughter, was surprised by her boyfriend’s marriage proposal. With Mike expressing immensely that what the child chooses, the father chooses that. Recently, … Read more

Bai Bingbing’s Hsinchu 100 million mansion exposed ultra-luxury decoration comparable to the palace: a good place for retirement | Entertainment | CTWANT

Bai Bingbing took a group photo with Chen Xiaozhi. (Photo/Photo taken from Chen Xiaozhi’s Facebook) The 66-year-old senior artist Bai Bingbing spent 130 million to buy a 4-story villa with more than 300 pings in Linkou. Today, the luxury house is worth as much as 600 million. The interior of the master bedroom is exposed, … Read more

“Bai Toei R Siam-URBOYTJ” is delighted! The song “Reliant on Line” has surpassed 4 million views.

It’s an orbit to meet again with the most bang. between sexy young artists Baitoey R Siam (Suteewan Kunchorn) and young hip-hop UrboyTJ (Jirayuth Phaloprakarn) with the latest single feature ring “Relying on Line” songA fun rhythm that invites everyone to get up and dance together again. with tight dance moves that used to be … Read more

Airing today!Zhu Zhengting and Bai Shu gathered blood in “Hockey Boys” to start a dream-chasing

Source Title: Today’s broadcast!Zhu Zhengting and Bai Shu’s blood gathers, “Hockey Boy” starts a dream-chasing journey Co-produced by China Mobile Migu Company, Ciwen Media, and Yinghuan Yuncheng, Wang Wei is the chief producer, Zhang Chaoli is the director, and Zhu Zhengting, Bai Shu, Xu Hao, etc. starring in the Beijing Winter Olympics tribute drama “Hockey … Read more

Zheng Hongyi’s “Ask a Lawyer” angered Bai to see this laugh: Infinite Reincarnation | Entertainment | CTWANT

The famous Wang Ruide recently hosted the “News Digging Wow!” hosted by Zheng Hongyi. On the program, Bai Bingbing said that Chen Songyong and the Indian maid Yule had an “unusual father-daughter relationship”. In this regard, Zheng Hongyi refuted Bai Bingbing under the witness of a lawyer, and said that the source of the news … Read more