Ban on smoking on balconies soon in the Sejm? There is a bill

For this to happen, the bill must be submitted by a group of at least 15 deputies or by a standing parliamentary committee. Niewitecka intends to address the members of the KO in the first place. “Secondly, I will invite other Parliamentary Clubs to cooperate, because I believe that this is a project beyond political … Read more

News site: Zain Karazon is a dance compass at her friend’s wedding

Khabarni – The Jordanian fascist, Zain Karazon, posted on her personal page on the social networking site, a video clip from her friend’s wedding in a hotel in Amman, She appeared in it while dancing to the tunes of one of the songs with joy, and Zain adopted a soft look of a long and … Read more

Residents of flat with collapsed balconies can finally sleep at home again | Inland

The doors to the balconies are locked, so that the residents can’t just get on them. Early Thursday morning, a balcony came loose and collapsed. As a result, the balcony below also came down. No one was injured. The building was evacuated after the municipality saw cracks in the walls during a visual inspection. Most … Read more

An angry digger tore down the balconies of the new building. He claims that the developer did not pay him

A construction service excavator tore down the balconies of a new building in the German village of Blumberg. He was said to be frustrated because he did not get paid by the development company with which he concluded a contract. According to him, it should owe him more than 127 million crowns. 0:53 The German … Read more

A study explodes a surprise about the relationship of our DNA to our extinct ancestors

NEW YORK – Scientists have taken another step toward solving an enduring mystery with a new tool that could allow for more precise comparisons between the DNA of modern humans and that of our extinct ancestors. According to a study published Friday in the journal Science Advances, only 7 percent of our genome is uniquely … Read more

Jordanian astronomer Mujahid: Intelligent creatures will visit Earth for the first time with a spacecraft

Jafra News – Astronomer Imad Mujahid said in an article he published on Monday that the Earth is on a date with the visit of the first spacecraft carrying intelligent creatures. Following is the text of the article as received from Mujahid: Over the past two decades, astronomers have discovered, through ground and space-based astronomical … Read more

Abu-Ghazaleh sues the governor of the Banque du Liban

Khabarni – Businessman Talal Abu Ghazaleh filed a complaint directly against the Governor of the Banque du Liban, Riad Salameh, before the first investigating judge in Beirut, Charbel Abu Samra, accusing him of committing many crimes, including issuing circulars and decisions with the aim of changing the free economic system and obstructing the application of … Read more

Outbreak in Mallorca, young people in quarantine protest from the hotel balconies: “We are negative, we want to go out” – Video

“We are negative. We want to go out ”. It is the cry of some young people in quarantine after the Covid maxi-outbreak broke out among students on a year-end trip to Majorca e Minorca. The video of the protest was posted on Twitter by the representative of Vox Baleari, Jorge Campos Asensi. “Here is … Read more

Jordan produces 3 barrels of oil per day

Khabarni – The latest official figures issued by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources revealed that Jordan produces three barrels of oil per day out of Jordan’s need of 143,000 barrels per day. The previous figures mean that local production covers only 0.002% of Jordan’s need (ie, two barrels for every 100,000 barrels of … Read more