Political scientist: Russia does not like the independent action of the Baltic states

Russia is not pleased with the independent action of the Baltic states in sending the anti-aircraft missile system “Stinger”, as well as the anti-tank missile system “Javelin” to strengthen Ukraine’s self-defense capabilities, the political scientist Ojārs Skudra assesses the situation. Skudra reminded that after Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov’s talks with US Secretary of State … Read more

The Baltic States will send Ukraine ammunition for missile systems

The United States approved the shipment of ammunition for the Javelin and Stinger missile systems, which are at the disposal of the Baltic countries, to Kiev. About it says in a message on the website of the Estonian Ministry of Defense. The document notes that Ukraine separates Europe from the armed conflict with Russia. Earlier … Read more

Britain could send several hundred soldiers to the Baltic States and Poland / Day

S If we are in NATO, no one will ask the people where, when and how many foreign troops to deploy in Latvia. Britain is considering, as in our homes, where we will put this or that. Only soldiers will come with ammunition and armaments, This is a threat to peace! It was already in … Read more

Commanders of the Baltic Special Operations Forces discussed threats in the region

The commanders of the Lithuanian, Latvian and Estonian special forces also talked about the trilateral co-operation of the special forces, the activities of the Baltic Special Operations Forces Coordination Center, and the issues of regional defense. “After meeting with the commanders of the Latvian and Estonian Special Operations Forces, we discussed the security situation in … Read more

Against the background of talks with Russia, there is a strict position from the Baltic states and Poland: there can be no different levels of NATO

“Lithuania’s initiative has succeeded in mobilizing the help of regional parliamentary committees for a common position that there can be no different levels of NATO, that there can be no second-class NATO membership. There is no opportunity for Russia to influence NATO members, and to set no “ceiling” on the exercise, the deployment of armaments, … Read more

Media: The British plan to send additional troops to the Baltic states and Poland

Plans under discussion at the Ministry of Defense include expanding UK missions to send hundreds more troops ready to take part in hostilities to deter Russia, the article said. According to The Times, NATO asked the Allies whether it would be possible to expand the Alliance’s missions in the Baltics. “Countries are currently thinking about … Read more

Waiting for an attack. Sweden transfers forces because of the Russian Federation

Russian activity on the border of Ukraine and in the Baltic Sea forced Stockholm to increase its combat readiness. The Swedish Armed Forces are raising the alert of the aggravation on the border between Ukraine and Russia, as well as the increased activity of Russian warships in the Baltic Sea. An attack on Sweden cannot … Read more

NATO has deployed a Dutch amphibious ship in the Baltic Sea

According to the Marinetraffic website, the ship is currently off the south coast of Sweden and is sailing towards the Danish island of Bornholm. “It simply came to our notice then. We are there to show our presence and our solidarity with the Alliance as a whole, “a NATO spokesman told the Swedish daily Aftonbladet. … Read more

A separate section of the US draft law on sanctions against Russia is dedicated to the Baltic States

The bill on the response to the possible repeated Russian invasion of Ukraine, unveiled on Wednesday by US Senators representing the Democratic Party, includes a separate section on security issues in the Baltic states. The document emphasizes that strengthening the security of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania is in the interests of US national security. The … Read more