The Kremerata Baltica Chamber Orchestra will express its attitude towards what is happening in Ukraine / Day

Wanting to express their feelings and attitude towards what is happening in Ukraine and the world, a special concert program has been created, in which the compositions each send a special message – from the Shostakovich Chamber Symphony and the Ukrainian composer Valentina Silvestrov Of the Journal to Peter Plakid Jubilata music and Mozart’s Piano … Read more

Zīle emphasizes the strategic importance of Rail Baltica in the current geopolitical situation

The implementation of the Rail Baltica railway project will be challenged both by changes in the supply of materials from Russia and Belarus and by contractors, says Roberts Zīle, Vice-President of the European Parliament’s Interinstitutional Support Group “Friends of Rail Baltica”. The group’s first face-to-face meeting after the Covid-19 pandemic took place on Tuesday. The … Read more

Commission: An Italian company will be able to build the Rail Baltica bridge across the Neris

The government commission inspecting the transactions of strategic companies, having assessed the transaction to be concluded by LTG Infra and seeing certain risks to national security, set binding recommendations for the company last week, BNS announced Governments press service. The company is proposing to build a railroad bridge for nearly $ 63.957 million. EUR (excluding … Read more

Construction of Rail Baltica station will allow Riga Airport to develop into a Northern European aviation hub

On Wednesday, the Ministry of Transport held an expert discussion to discuss topical issues on the way to the establishment of the first high-speed rail and air connection in the Baltics, which will be provided by the Rail Baltica construction project at Riga Airport opened in June 2021. The online discussion was attended by traffic … Read more

Traffic on the Via Baltica has been paralyzed for 55 kilometers due to snow and accidents

Due to difficult weather conditions and several traffic accidents, traffic on the Via Baltica road in Lithuania, which stretches from about 55 kilometers from Marijampolė to the Polish border, was paralyzed on Friday. According to Ieva Šlivinskiene, a representative of the Marijampolė police, the road maintenance services are unable to clear the snow and scatter … Read more

The cost of Rail Baltica could approach three billion euros

With the adoption of next year’s budget, it is clear that more than half a billion euros (1/4 of the initially planned 2 billion) will be spent on the Rail Baltica project in Latvia by the end of 2022, but construction of the first section of the main railway line could start in 2023. This … Read more

Rail Baltica Riga Development Plan alpha and omega :: Dienas Bizness

There is an object in every city of Latvia, the planning of which is the work of SIA Grupa93. They have also given their hand to the largest project of this century in Latvia – Rail Baltica, which will not only connect us to Europe, but also affect the future development of the Latvian capital, … Read more

‘Kremerata Baltica’ will perform in Cēsis with a program dedicated to Astor Pjacolla

On Saturday, November 20, violinist Gidon Kremer and his orchestra will perform in Vidzeme Concert Hall “Cesis”Kremerata Baltica“the latest program dedicated to the centenary Astor Piacoll. Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to the representatives of the concert hall “Delfi”, the orchestra will be joined by vibrophonist Andrejs Pushkarevs and the orchestra’s resident … Read more

Rail Baltica signs a new financing agreement for the construction of 19.7 million euros

European Executive Agency for Climate, Infrastructure and the Environment and “Rail Baltica“joint venture”RB Rail“AS after the Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications, Ministry of Transport Latvia and the delegation of the Ministry of Transport and Communications of Lithuania have signed a new European Infrastructure Connecting Instrument (CEF) co-financing agreement for the construction of Rail … Read more