Why did the Spanish star Fabregas choose to join a second division club in Italy?

He fell Cesc Fabregas Yesterday, Monday, the first of August (August), the contracts to join the submerged club Como, competing in the Italian second division, came as a resounding surprise due to the great transformation in the career of the Spanish star crowned with the 2010 World Cup title. Fabregas (35 years old) began his … Read more

Detection of a space signal similar to a “heartbeat” coming from a distant galaxy

A number of astronomers have spotted an unusual and frequent space signal from a distant cosmic galaxy. It turns out that this stream of radio energy flashes in a rhythm similar to a heartbeat. Scientists say that this signal is a fast radio burst, or powerful and mysterious explosions of energy that come from the … Read more

Will Ousmane Dembele continue in Barcelona after months of procrastination?

The last hours are witnessing a noticeable change in the course of the club’s negotiations Barcelona The Spaniard, with his French player Ousmane Dembelewhose contract expired on June 30, and the two parties are seeking to sign a new contract. The negotiations between Barcelona officials on the one hand, and the young international player and … Read more

Completely Peeled – DHF in Bandar Lampung Reaches 920 Cases, Rajabasa Kemiling the Most Contributor

Acting (Plt) Head of Bandar Lampung City Health Office, Desti Mega Putri. Photo: Sri/Kupastuntas.co Kupastuntas.co, Bandar Lampung – The Bandar Lampung City Health Office noted that there were 920 cases of dengue hemorrhagic fever (DHF) during the period from January to June 2022. “There are 920 cases of dengue fever in almost 20 sub-districts in … Read more

Inflation and rate hike put the US economy in the face of a hurricane

head approved Federal Reserve BoardJerome Powell, that raising the Federal Reserve interest rates It won’t solve two of the biggest problems facing American families right now: rising gas and commodity prices and strategy. During a Senate Banking Committee hearing, Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren Powell urged a cautious but cautious proceeding with interest rate hikes and … Read more

Voyager 1 and 2 retire into infinite orbit

In the summer of 1977, the US space agency “NASA” launched two spacecraft.Voyager1 and 2, on a 4-year mission to explore and photograph the planets Saturn and Jupiter, but the mission extended to other planets and lasted 45 years and still exists, but the energy is decreasing on board the two vehicles, which necessitated stopping … Read more

Bandar Lampung DHF Cases Reach 868 During 2022

Illustration Medcom.id Bandar Lampung (Lampost.co) — Based on data from the Bandar Lampung Health Service, dengue fever cases in Tapis Berseri city reached 868 during 2022. Acting Kadinkes, Desti Mega Putri explained, the number was evenly distributed in 20 sub-districts. The highest number of cases occurred in January, namely 217. Then February 177, March 158, … Read more

BURNED Drug Village in Jermal 15, 6 People were Transported by Police, One of them was Bandar

TRIBUN-MEDAN.com, WHILE – Police again raided a drug village on Jalan Jermal 15, Percut Seituan District, Wednesday (15/6/2022) afternoon. The Head of Drugs at the Medan Polrestabes, Kompol Rafles, explained that in the raid his party arrested six perpetrators, one of whom was a dealer. “We found that there was one perpetrator, one of which … Read more