Portuguese savings doubled in pandemic, deposits dominate | Covid-19

The money invested by the Portuguese in deposits, funds and certificates since March 2020, when the pandemic began, reached 22,736 million euros in June this year, a figure that is 118%, or 12,286 million, above the same period in 2018 /2019. .

Banks lost more than 2,000 employees and closed 655 branches in the last year – Banking & Finance

Portuguese banks lost more than 2,000 employees and closed 655 branches in the last year, at a time when several banks are proceeding with restructuring processes to “shrink” structures. You Dice were released this Tuesday by the Bank of Portugal. According to long series of the Portuguese banking sector, now updated with the year 2020, … Read more

How to get off the “black list” of Banco de Portugal? – Private Investor

The pandemic crisis has left many families and businesses financially difficult. And, although there are still no relevant signs of non-compliance, the expectation is that these will emerge closer to the end of the year, when the State’s moratoriums end. With the return of these responsibilities, there will be those who will fail their benefits … Read more

Mário Centeno: “Review of ECB strategy is good news for Portugal” | Interview

The week the European Central Bank (ECB) announced reviewing your strategy, the first since 2003, the governor of Banco de Portugal and member of the council of governors of the ECB, Mário Centeno, gave an interview to PÚBLICO on the subject, defending what he says he is. an important step for monetary policy in the … Read more

Banco de Portugal approves administration of Banco de Fomento – Banking & Finance

The names proposed by the Government for the administration of Banco do Fomento passed through the scrutiny of Banco de Portugal, advanced the Echo, an information already confirmed by Negócios. The verdict of the CReSAP (Commission for Recruitment and Selection for the Public Administration) is still missing. In addition to the nine administrators, four of … Read more