US government accused Trump of being responsible for the collapse of the banks

Caracas.- This Thursday, the US government accused former President Donald Trump (2017-2021) of being responsible for the fall of the Silicon Valley and Signature banks. They claim that during his tenure he eliminated some of the entity supervision requirements. A White House source in a conversation with the media said: “Unfortunately, the Trump Administration and … Read more

Customers’ most popular brands: Banks lead the ranking, cosmetics manufacturers also succeeded

Illustration photo | Photo: Shutterstock KPMG compiled a ranking of 100 brands for 2022 based on customer satisfaction, decided on 50,000 of their ratings. The company evaluates brand experience based on six pillars. They are integrity, customer time and effort, setting and meeting expectations, problem solving, personalization and empathy. Of all the pillars, the most … Read more

Is the correction on the banks rational?

Like many others, you observe developments in the European and American banking sector and ask whether the decline in bank share prices is rational. When looking for answers, there are two questions about the profitability of banks, their certain years of loss, interconnectedness and losses associated with the development of bond prices. Who are you … Read more

The Government Asks Banks to Eliminate MSME Bad Loans

CNN Indonesia Thursday, 30 Mar 2023 14:35 WIB Menkop UKM Teten Masduki encouraged banks to write off bad credit bills for MSMEs so they could quickly recover from the impact of the pandemic. (BETWEEN PHOTOS/Aditya Pradana Putra) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — The government encourages that banking can work together to provide relief for MSMEs in the … Read more

Stock prices rise as investors evaluate central banks’ interest rate plans :: Dienas Bizness

Stock prices on the world’s stock exchanges were mostly higher on Thursday, as concerns about the crisis in the banking sector continued to ease and investors evaluated the plans of central banks related to interest rates. Investors have heeded assurances by the authorities that they have managed to contain the crisis in the banking sector, … Read more

Concerns about banks pave the way for new crypto horrors

Recently, there have been negative comments about the US banking sector, with the withdrawal of several prominent market participants, and the subsequent repercussions in Europe have caused an increase in mistrust in the global financial markets. After the events, the US stock market circles looked for the next potential “weakers” and found them, which resulted … Read more

The 10 Biggest Banks in the World, 1-4 Controlled by China! There is Indonesia?

Ayyi HidayahCNBC Indonesia Market Thursday, 30/03/2023 12:45 WIB Foto: Getty Images/CNBC International Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The banking crisis that hit the United States (US) and Europe began to spread and caused great concern among market players. Even though Indonesia itself is said to have strong bank defense, it is starting to be vigilant and … Read more

3 Banks in the US Bankrupt, Here’s Expert Advice for Indonesia

Author: Ghita Intan/VOA Indonesia WASHINGTON DC, – Some time ago three banks in the United States, Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank, and Signature Bank, were declared bankrupt. Can a similar problem occur in Indonesia? CELIOS economist Bhima Yudhistira said there were several lessons to be learned from the bankruptcy of the three banks in … Read more