Why did central banks fail to anticipate the inflation shock?

of the world central banks made one of the biggest forecasting errors, woefully underestimating the biggest in decades inflation the extent and duration of the jump. As a series of charts of the G7 economies shows, most central banks have been repeating the same mistakes and have been forced to constantly revise their users price … Read more

List of 10 Largest Banks in the World, Are There from Indonesia?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Banking is one of the most lucrative industries. Despite having a thin profit margin, the large market share because almost all individuals need financial services is the reason for the banking sector year after year to record profits. This has helped various banks grow bigger, especially in terms of company assets. … Read more

Discounts available for everyone. Banks offer a prescription for an expensive one, all you need is a mobile phone and a payment card

We have selected the best and most interesting bank offers for all private clients that you can take advantage of during August. Banks generally offer several types of discounts when paying by card. 1. Automatic discount when using the card. Just activate it You don’t have to deal with anything, and when you pay by … Read more

The price of the dollar today, Monday, rises in banks at the end of trading

04:44 PM Monday 08 August 2022 I wrote – Sherine Salah: The exchange rate of the dollar rose against the pound today, Sunday, in 9 banks, compared to its level at the end of trading yesterday, while the price stabilized in Al Baraka Bank. The exchange rate of the dollar against the pound rose by … Read more

Copom minutes, IPCA, results from banks and retailers: what to follow in the week

after following another increase in the Selic rate, to a five-year high, investors will look closely at the minutes of the meeting at which the decision was made. The minutes of the last meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank (Copom) will be released on Tuesday (9), before the opening of the … Read more

Economist: The world needs independent and honest central banks to face challenges

The Bank of England surprised the world yesterday by approving the largest interest rate increase in 27 years, while providing an accurate and impartial analysis and assessment of the state of the British economy, according to global economist Mohamed El-Erian, who believes that the independence of central banks from the rest of the authorities in … Read more

Putin banned Western banks and energy companies from leaving Russia

First on the black list is Exxon Mobil – a shareholder in the large oil field “Sakhalin-1” The Russian president continues to brutally interfere in private economic relations. He issued a new decree that forbids Western capital from selling its companies, shares and projects in Russia. The decree refers to two key sectors – banking … Read more