Bancolombia’s stock felt the effect of the takeover bids and yesterday it appreciated 9.76% on the BVC

After a new Public Acquisition Offer (OPA) was announced by Nutresa, this Tuesday, January 18, Bancolombia’s common stock soared 9.76%, closing at $42,050 on the Colombian Stock Exchange (BVC). This advance in the kind of Bancolombia is related to the latest movements of the Gilinski Group over the Grupo Empresarial Antioqueño (GEA), especially with the … Read more

Salim Redeems Allo Bank’s Rights Issue Shares Rp 623.22 M

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Salim Group, through PT Indolife Investama Perkasa, has implemented all Pre-emptive Rights (HMETD) which he obtained in the event of additional capital via rights issue digital bank issuer PT Allo Bank Indonesia Tbk (BBHI). In an information disclosure on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Tuesday (18/1), Indolife Investama’s management explained that … Read more

Foreign exchange: the position of banks is deteriorating again

The foreign exchange position of Moroccan banks is deteriorating a little more. As of December 24, 2021, it has, according to BMCE Capital Global Research (BKGR), widened to more than -3.611 billion dirhams (MMDH). It was at -2.846 billion dirhams on December 15, 2021. In this context, the MAD/EUR pair shows a weekly evolution of … Read more

The misfortunes of a people.. The balances of the banks of this country rise by 228 billion dollars after Brexit

The balance sheets of Ireland’s largest banks have risen by two-thirds since the vote on Britain’s exit from the European UnionIt is the latest data that shows how the financial landscape in Europe is changing after the United Kingdom leaves the European Union. According to a report by the Association of International Banks in Ireland … Read more

Insurers spoke about new trends in car theft 01/16/2022

The pandemic and the efforts of law enforcement officers have dramatically changed the situation with thefts, according to data from the Renaissance Insurance company. Thus, expensive SUVs and luxury cars, traditionally preferred by criminals earlier, left the leaders. But the mass market is being kidnapped actively, and there have been changes in the top of … Read more

Horta-Osorio, the ‘Djokovic’ of finance, resigns as president of Credit Suisse

The departure sparked fresh turmoil at the Swiss financial giant as it struggles to emerge from a series of scandals. The banker tasked with fixing Credit Suisse Group AG stepped out of office just nine months after breaching Covid quarantine rules, throwing the Swiss financial giant into fresh turmoil as it struggles to emerge from … Read more

$17 billion in quarterly revenue for Citi

Citi Banking Group announced its fourth-quarter earnings, with earnings per share of $1.46, compared to expectations of $1.38 per share. Revenue was $17 billion, higher than expectations of $16.75 billion, according to Refinitiv.The group’s net income decreased by 26% to $3.2 billion, and as a result, the company’s shares fell by 2.2%.Citigroup reported an 18% … Read more

EMA includes rare spinal condition as effect of AstraZeneca’s Covid vaccine

A European medicines regulator safety panel on Friday recommended adding a rare spinal inflammation called transverse myelitis as a side effect to AstraZeneca’s Covid-19 vaccine. The vaccine has faced several setbacks, including production delays and probing from regulatory bodies after rare cases of serious side effects such as blood clots with low platelets, prompting several … Read more

Currency rates today, Friday, 14-1-2022, in Egyptian banks

settled Exchange Rates Today, Friday 14-1-2022, in banks operating in Egypt against the Egyptian pound, due to the weekly holiday on Friday and Saturday, as the price of each of the dollar In front of the Egyptian pound, at a price of 15.64 pounds for purchase, and 15.74 pounds for sale, and the Saudi riyal … Read more

Currency rates today, Thursday, 1/13/2022, in Egyptian banks

Currency prices varied against the Egyptian pound today, Thursday, 1/13/2022, at the beginning of morning trading in banks operating in Egypt, where the dollar price against the Egyptian pound recorded stability at 15.64 pounds for purchase, and 15.74 pounds for sale, while the Saudi riyal settled at a price of 4.18 pounds for purchase. And … Read more