Where Lithuanians spent the most after removing restrictions on movement between municipalities: resorts stood out Business

After the government released restrictions on movement between municipalities, residents rushed to take advantage of the long-awaited opportunity to travel around the country. And the activation of domestic tourism was soon felt by businesses. “All over the country last weekend, the payment card was about 8 percent. more than, say, March 27-28. weekend “, 15min … Read more

Price of the dollar April 15

When starting operations the price of dollar today Thursday it was up to 20.43 pesos in banks. Meanwhile, the exchange rate Interbank exchange rate is 19.96 pesos per dollar, with a gain of 0.46 percent. Citibanamex sell the dollar in 20.43 pesos, while Banorte it does it in 20.25 pesos, BBVA Mexico at 20.20, Azteca … Read more

Citadele will acquire ABLV Bank’s mortgage loan portfolio :: Dienas Bizness

Sustainable Forestry Fund Baltic Green Fund, managed by I Asset Management Fund has purchased 2.5 thousand hectares of forest land in Latgale region. Overall Baltic Green Fund The Baltic States own more than 6.5 thousand hectares of forest land – more than 5 thousand ha in Latvia and 1.5 thousand ha in Lithuania. Baltic Green … Read more

Czech Railways will borrow up to 8.5 billion crowns from three banks

Czech Railways wants to use the money for new trains and other investments. Czech Railways will significantly increase its debt. They have concluded framework agreements with three banking institutions (Raiffeisenbank, UniCredit Bank, Všeobecná úverová banka) for seven years, which will allow carriers to draw a loan of up to CZK 8.5 billion. The railways call … Read more

Unicredit, the Orcel era begins: sting on current accounts and closure of 450 branches

The cutting of 450 branches in Italy (who the list). Now Unicredit, very fresh from the exchange rate at the top, also raises the costs of current accounts: a +33% which certainly won’t be easily digested by customers. After the expulsion of Mustier, Andrea Orcel arrives at the helm of Unicredit and he already has … Read more

28 banks failed to increase their capitalization … Billions of dollars have disappeared

The banking sector faces fundamental changes, the results of which will appear in the coming weeks. It is evident that the honey months that ruled the relationship of the Trinity: the government – the central bank – the Association of Banks are gone forever, and the deadline for February 2021 passed, and the required increase … Read more

The business sector is negotiating with 4 banks to finance the project to manufacture the first electric car

The Ministry of the Public Business Sector negotiates, through the Holding Company for Metal Industries, 4 banks; To obtain financing to implement a manufacturing project The first electric car In the Nasr Automotive Company, in cooperation with the Chinese Dongfeng Company, according to a statement from an official source in the public business sector. Two … Read more

Banks are insolvent, they must be dissolved and effective banks should be re-produced

12 – April – 2021 Nizar Ghanem One of the founders of the Depositors’ Association and researcher Nizar Ghanem considered that “in all countries that have experienced a financial crisis, young appointees and those with medium deposits have recovered all of their deposits, but there must be a real financial plan.” In an interview with … Read more

Currency rates today, Sunday … and the euro registered 18.56 pounds in banks

Experienced Exchange Rates Today, Sunday 11-4-2021, there is a marked divergence in banks, including “the dollar, the euro, the British pound, the Saudi riyal and the Kuwaiti dinar,” to stabilize the price of the dollar, while the exchange rate of the euro rose against the Egyptian pound today, according to the latest updates of the … Read more

A sudden drop in the dollar … Arab and foreign currency rates today, Sunday, April 11th in Egyptian banks

Subscribe to receive economic news We publish US dollar exchange rate And the exchange rates of Arab and foreign currencies, which include the Kuwaiti dinar, the Saudi riyal, the Qatari riyal, Omani and the Emirati dirham, in addition to the euro, the pound sterling and the rest of the currencies against the pound, in Egyptian … Read more