China bans imports of thousands of Taiwanese food products, but not microchips

BEIJING, – Known as Kuai Kuai, coconut-flavored corn chips are a popular snack in China for years. But now, these corn chips are on the list of more than 2,000 original products Taiwan which was banned from being sold in China after US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taipei last week. Other prohibited … Read more

Bans have not stopped the spread of Russian disinformation, they are finding new ways

Existing pages and accounts were renamed by Russia to disguise them. It shifted part of the propaganda duties to diplomats. However, it simply copied most of the content to new websites that did not yet have obvious ties to Russia, the AP agency wrote. NewsGuard, a New York-based firm that researches and monitors online disinformation, … Read more

Moscow Bans US Inspection Of Russian Nuclear Weapons In Revenge, Moscow Bans US Inspections

loading… Russia has banned the US from inspecting Moscow’s nuclear arsenal because Washington’s sanctions prevent Russia from doing the same in America. Photo/REUTERS MOSCOW – Moscow has banned inspectors United States of America (USA) inspect nuclear weapons strategic Russia which must be done under the New START treaty. The move was in retaliation for Washington’s … Read more

Mechelen restaurant ViaVia bans cigarettes from terrace: “Everyone reacts positively, even smokers” | Instagram VTM NEWS

MechelenLighting a cigarette on the terrace of ViaVia in Mechelen is no longer allowed. The restaurant in De Kruidtuin city park decided two months ago to restrict smoking. They had good reasons for that. “Even smokers react positively to our decision,” says owner David Van Damme. Since June, a sidewalk sign and the reservation signs … Read more

Can Get His Partner Pregnant, NASA Bans Astronauts Masturbating in Space

WASHINGTON, – Aeronautics and Space Agency (NASA) United States of America (AS) prohibits para astronaut guy masturbating in outer space. The reason is that sperm released in zero gravity can impregnate a female astronaut. The strict rules were revealed by NASA engineer, Smythe Mulikan. He said the slightest “naughty drop” could cause havoc on … Read more

Cak Imin’s Event in Sidoarjo, PCNU Bans NU Attributes from Flying

Surabaya, CNN Indonesia — Chairman of the National Awakening PartyPKB) Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin) will hold the Gus Muhaimin Festival The Next 2024, at the Gelora Delta Sidoarjo Stadium, Saturday (6/8) tomorrow. Meanwhile, PCNU Sidoarjo issued a circular containing instructions for prohibiting the use of NU attributes in political party activities. Chairman of the Gus … Read more

Mountains: if the danger increases, are bans necessary? The debate ignites …

In the aftermath of the Matterhorn landslide, which did not involve people, but required the evacuation of thirteen mountaineers from various groups upstream of the collapse, the debate animates the experts. The risk of major collapses linked to drought had been a topic on the carpet for some time, so much so that the guides … Read more

Ajax bans shirt ordering banners from players

Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam will prevent fans from bringing banners to the stadium asking for players’ shirts. This is why. Ajax bans shirt ordering banners from players Dutch media reported that Dutch club Ajax Amsterdam had taken a decision to prevent fans from bringing banners to its stadium, “Johan Cruyff”, asking players to get their … Read more