Ewelina Lisowska and Joanna Opozda’s ex-fiancé had a dinner for … Sandra Kubicka and Baron (PHOTOS)

True friendship is difficult in the world of show business. After all, it is impossible to maintain friendly relations when work opportunities are limited and the stakes are so high … With the new year, she decided to refresh her media relationship, known until recently from “turning on low prices” Ewelina Lisowska. Together with a … Read more

Sandra Kubicka and Baron at dinner with Lisowska and her partner!

Sandra Kubicka and Baron are one of the hottest couples in show business right now. They have already made their debut on Instagram, but also on the wall. They were also on several trips abroad, incl. most recently, on the Baron’s birthday. His beloved arranged for him a trip – a surprisewhich he was extremely … Read more

Sandra Kubicka and Baron had dinner with Ewelina Lisowska and her partner. Joanna Opozda was to marry him!

You can read more about the love stories of celebrities from the past by visiting the home page of Gazeta.pl. Sandra Kubicka For several months she has been dating the Baron, who, as she says herself, caught her eye four years ago when they got to know each other. However, before the first date that … Read more

Baron Baron helped Zenit survive the extension drama in Belgrade

In the Euroleague, Belgrade’s Crvena Zvezda (7/11) basketball players at home after overtime 76:79 (21:29, 21:15, 15: 6, 12:19, 7:10) gave way to the St. Petersburg Zenit (12/6) team with two Lithuanians. The hosts started the meeting better, gaining a 6-point advantage quickly (13: 7) and jumping even more in the middle of the half … Read more

Momo, the son of Jimena Barón, dislodged with the very expensive gift he asked for Santa Claus

The little one sent a chat to Jimena Barón, that the actress and singer shared on her social networks with the request for very expensive gifts. The boy asked for an iPad with a pencil to design (technology that would allow him to draw), he also asked for an iPhone and finally the most incredible … Read more

Sandra Kubicka revealed how she met the Baron. Could she wait with sex until the wedding? A sincere confession of the model

You can find more about the stars on the Gazeta.pl home page Since Sandra Kubicka i Baron they became a couple, they did not intend to hide. They are eager to talk about their relationship and their feelings for each other. Fans can watch their lives on social media where the couple add loads common … Read more

Jimena Barón, amused to see a drawing of her son: “I wish you Momo’s self-esteem”

Always get back together with your son and a little bit of traveling together to Europe with Marley and Mirko, Jimena Baron shared a fun He drew that Momo made of himself. The baby expressed himself by drawing and described himself as being super confident. Surprised, her mother took a photo of her and did … Read more

Why does Jimena Barón send audios to Tini Stoessel when she goes out to party – Paparazzi Magazine

Jimena Baron she has fun, she always finds a way to have a good time, to take time out of her work and maternal obligations to enjoy friends, the night, music and dancing. This is how they feed their social networks with hundreds of evenings of action. The actress became a true regular at the … Read more

Jimena Barón published the photo that she sent to a candidate to seduce him

In recent years, Jimena Baron tried to overcome prejudices and tried to resume his relationship with Daniel Osvaldo, her ex-husband and father of her child Morrison. The link, which was exposed in the social networks of both, did not prosper and the singer of La Cobra disappeared from Instagram to “detoxify”. After a few months, … Read more

Jimena Barón struck down Jony Lazarte: “He had his chance and he lost it”

Written in TV the 4/12/2021 · 10:13 hs Jimena Baron he told everything in the face of Jony lazarte after Marcelo tinelli asked about the romance that it seemed that the jury and the reality dancer were going to star. At the beginning of The Academy, Jimena Baron was single and recently separated from Tucu … Read more