Drew Barrymore has a birthday, sweats, suffers, messes up, gets motivated and confesses the trick to accept his physical changes

On his 45th birthday we review the best and worst moments of what was Hollywood’s broken toy, today an icon of self-improvement and naturalness on social networks It is not difficult to imagine that someone who was an alcoholic at eleven, a drug addict at twelve, suicidal at thirteen, emancipated at fourteen, and who had … Read more

Drew Barrymore turns 45 and shows us what he has learned from his physical changes

Updated 02/20/2020 2:36 PM From looking in the mirror and crying to assuming the physical changes you have experienced in your life and learning from them. The lesson of body positive that has promulgated Drew Barrymore in your account Instagram teaches us to love each other more, whatever the physical aspect. To the posture that … Read more

Goodbye to love! Sharon Stone confesses to Drew Barrymore

UNITED STATES.- “I will no longer go out on dates. I’ve had enough with dating. ” In this way the actress Sharon Stone He said goodbye to love in his recent virtual interview with ‘The Drew Barrymore Show’, in which he shared that at 62 years of age, and after two marriages, what he enjoys … Read more

Adam Sandler is excited to collect an award from his friend Drew Barrymore

It’s hard to think Adam Sandler without remembering Drew Barrymore, and backwards. And that is why it is so exciting to see them both speak words of affection on a stage in which it is not usual to see them: in one of those of the award seasons of Hollywood in which comedies like the … Read more

The confessions of Drew Barrymore

In Hollywood there are countless legends that have fueled the popularity of certain well-known figures. Recently, Drew Barrymore confirmed a famous myth surrounding the death of his grandfather, the established actor John Barrymore. The 45-year-old actress confirmed the veracity of the theft of her grandfather’s corpse, who was present at a poker game after he … Read more

Drew Barrymore funeral: Drew Barrymore has a crazy plan for his funeral | Society

Years ago Drew Barrymore left behind the wildest stage of his life, in which she spent her nights at Studio 54 as a child or climbed on the tables to dance during her television interviews. However, the actress wants her funeral to live up to the reputation she earned at the time and her plan … Read more

Cameron Díaz, Scarlett Johansson, Drew Barrymore and other Hollywood celebrities sweep the networks with a historic fight

Published: Tuesday, 05 mayo, 2020 16:54 “I have a video of Hollywood actresses giving themselves milk”, highlights Quique Peinado, who shows in Zapeando the latest Hollywood viral that is sweeping social networks. It is a video in which well-known actresses such as Cameron Díaz, Scarlett Johansson and Drew Barrymore hit each other virtually, starring in … Read more

Drew Barrymore shares her beauty secrets on Instagram

More information ¿RDo you remember the little girl from the movie ET? drew Barrymore, is already 45 years old. She is a multifaceted woman, as well as an actress, she is a producer, film director and businesswoman in various projects. A cosmetics company, a fashion company, and also a wine company. Drew Barrymore also triumphs … Read more

Learn about the fitness routine that helped Drew Barrymore lose 11 kilos in three months

At 45, the actress trains hard and is in better shape than ever. Last modification: May 28, 2020, 6:06 p.m. Drew Barrymore lost weight quickly with a strict training plan. (Photo: Presley Ann / GETTY IMAGES NORTH AMERICA / Getty Images via AFP) Drew Barrymore demonstrated that mandatory quarantine is not a significant obstacle to … Read more

Drew Barrymore launched her techno hair line in shocking colors

Drew Barrymore was one of the style icons most popular of the 90’s. Together with Kate Moss and Winona Ryder they formed the clan of the undisputed queens of the grunge, while they managed to fuse their gothic airs with details of femininity and romanticism. Fanatic of military boots High-waisted and worn leather jackets, the … Read more