Bassem Youssef’s appearance in the series “The Choice 3” provokes interaction and division on social networking sites

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The appearance of the Egyptian media, Bassem Youssef, in the series β€œThe Choice 3” sparked controversy on social media, as tweeters were divided between welcoming this idea and rejecting it. Youssef appeared in the fourth episode of the series, in a scene taken from a previous episode of him … Read more

Bassem Samra drank when he was blind and broke the cabaret on the one in it: I can’t get drunk

Written by – Amira Ali The artist Bassem Samra assaulted the popular singer, a mayor in a cabaret, and the popular singer accused the mayor of Bassem Samra of drunkenness and bullying. The popular singer Omda said that he recommended the guards of the place to focus with Basem Samra because of his lack of … Read more