They ask that Madrid stop charging for television in hospitals

In addition to the physical consequences and symptoms, there is a differential fact that makes coronavirus a difficult disease to cope with from a psychological and emotional point of view: the imposition of loneliness. It is easy to catch it from a sick person and this means that patients have to isolate themselves until the … Read more

Trump’s lawyer fades in full press conference

If you dye your hair, you have to be careful. There are factors that can play tricks on you. One of them is sweat, a reaction that we cannot foresee and that can turn our forehead and head into a kind of abstract painting. And if not, let them tell Rudy Giuliani (76 years old), … Read more

The dramatic rescue of a girl in the rubble of Turkey-Telecinco

After 17 hours Under the debris, the dramatic Inci suffering has had a happy ending. The Turkish authorities have rescued a 16-year-old girl of the rubble of his house after the earthquake that hit the Turkish region of Izmir this Friday and that has been felt in the islands of southern Greece. A 6.6 earthquake … Read more