Bea and Győzike Gáspár did not expect this reception after returning home from Asia Express

Bea Gáspár and Gyásike Gáspár competed in the Asia Express for weeks, but like their peers, they returned home, although they did not expect such a reception. Bea and Victor Gáspár they competed with others in the Asia Express, where indeed man-facing challenges were faced. Since then, however, they have returned home, sharing a video … Read more

Bea Harghita with her rarely seen husband: they have been in love with the handsome David for 14 years – Hungarian star

Beát Hargitai and we don’t see her husband together many times. Although he sometimes delights his Instagram followers with a common picture, neither in front of the cameras nor on the front pages of magazines is his life matched on his side, so the general public can barely know the handsome Davidet. The relationship between … Read more

Football: Here is the composition of the Cocan 2025 chaired by Béa Diallo | Africa Guinea

CONAKRY-The members of the steering committee for the organization of the 35th edition of the 2025 Cocan African Cup of Nations, are known. They were appointed on the night of Friday March 11, 2022 by a decree from the President of the Transition, Colonel Mamadi Doumbouya. Personalities from different sectors meet in the Cocan 2025, … Read more

His victory raged as Gáspár Bea tossed and kicked the presents

The pine tree didn’t even stand when Beaa Gáspár was tired and threw the presents out into the yard. Gáspár Győző wanted a really beautiful and perfect Christmas. The family is especially important to him, which is why he is confident that he can make the events unforgettable. Well, he did it in some ways, … Read more

Denis Ducarme: “Béa Diallo’s resignation to go to Guinea is quite amazing”

To begin the program, Denis Ducarme is questioned about the searches carried out on Wednesday in various military barracks in Belgium. Searches linked to a certain acquaintance on the part of soldiers with the extreme right. A story that comes just a few months after the famous Jürgen Conings affair. “It certainly looks bad with … Read more

The price of taking the damage was revealed, Bea Gáspár was upset at the amount

According to his victory, he understood because his liver and kidneys were lighter. As we wrote, the adventures of the Gaspar family lately are We have a life can be seen in reality, on LifeTV: last time Gáspár Győző called a “specialist” because he felt there was deterioration in him. A woman came out who … Read more