Beata Dzianowicz discovery of Onet at the Gdynia festival! “For the moving image of fear and love”

During the Young Gala of the 47th Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, Onet traditionally awarded its distinction The winner of the Onet Award – Discovery of the Polish Feature Film Festival – was Beata Dzianowicz, director and screenwriter of the film “Strzępy” – Suddenly we realize that someone completely different lives in the body of … Read more

They did not let Beata Kozidrak into the USA through the DRINKING RALLY ?! Bajm comments

Some time ago Kozidrak however, she returned to the stage performing at several festivals. She also did not forget about her fans, soon after the “incident” she beat her chest and apologized for her behavior in a statement on Instagram. Beata and the Bajm band were also to appear in the United States, where she … Read more

Na Wspólnej, episode 3474: Beata will reveal that Emil, not Paweł, is the father of her child! – PICTURES

“Na Wspólnej” section 3474 – Thursday, August 11, 2022, at 20.15 on TVN In the 3474 episode of “Na Wspólnej” Beata will confirm that it is Emil, not Paweł, who is the father of her child, a son who will be born at any moment. After Paweł was arrested, Larsson, who was in love with … Read more

Beata Kozidrak convicted of drunk driving. The final judgment was passed

On Monday, an appeal against the sentence of Beata Pietras known under the maiden name Kozidrak was held in the District Court. The artist did not appear in court on Monday. It was represented by advocate Maciej Żbikowski. Grzegorz Miśkiewicz, judge of the District Court, upheld the judgment of the first instance court. “The District … Read more

Beata and Kacperek drowned during fires in Greece. “I need to know”

When the boat with his relatives sails away, avoiding the fire, he returns to his friends. Together, they hide in the water under the escarpment that protects them from burning branches and bushes flying in the air. They are trying to call the resident of the Grecos travel agency where they bought the holiday. One … Read more

“Four books that marked me”… by the Franco-Rwandan writer Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse

To not miss any African news, Subscribe to the newsletter from World Africa from this link. Every Saturday at 6 a.m., find a week of news and debates covered by the editorial staff of the World Africa. Franco-Rwandan writer Beata Umubyeyi Mairesse in September 2019 in Mabosque, southern France. JOEL SAGET / AFP Every Sunday … Read more

Beata Biały “Endless suns. Biography of Kora” [FRAGMENT KSIĄŻKI]

Charismatic and extraordinary. It cannot be pigeonholed. Arousing extreme emotions. Iconic. Beata Biały puts the portrait together with care and tenderness Kory like a picture from hundreds of puzzles. From conversations with her relatives and friends. From her notes and memories, from the words of Kora herself, she draws a fascinating image of this exceptional … Read more

Film about Beata Kozidrak. The manufacturer denies the rumors about the suspension of production

Leszek Bodzak, a producer at Aurum Film, entitled his post “Statement on another fake news”. Bodzak decided to deny the rumors that reappeared after announcing that a film about Beata Kozidrak is being made. “Let me just say this – on my behalf, Aurum Film and Piotr Domalewski, I would like to inform you that … Read more

Beata Kozidrak has a new hairstyle for New Year’s Eve in Polsat and looks like Kate Winslet

But on New Year’s Eve, Beata will appear in public for the first time in front of all of Poland. Bajm and Beata will sing at Polsat’s New Year’s Eve. And perhaps this event prompted Kozidrak to go to the hairdresser before Christmas and make a total metamorphosis. Justyna Steczkowska has joint plans with Beata … Read more