Russia’s invasion of Ukraine: – Beaten up and raped

The Russian poet and activist Artjom Kamardin (31) was arrested by the police in his apartment in Moscow on Monday afternoon. In police custody, Kamardin is said to have been both beaten up and raped with an object, reports the independent Russian newspaper Novaya Gazeta. The assaults are said to have been filmed by the … Read more

Their dream vacation in Rhodes turns into a nightmare: Zakaria beaten up for no reason in front of his wife and young children, “nobody intervened”

Miscellaneous facts Like Minister Van Quickenborne, virologist Marc Van Ranst, threatened by Jurgen Conings, was under close security: “The police system is flawless” He was locked up for more than a month in a safe house, an ultra-secret place.

The first British soldier freed by the Russians speaks: “Treated worse than a dog: beaten for a tattoo and stabbed in the back”

Aiden Aslinone of five British released by the Russia in the last exchange of prisoners in recent days, he gave his first interview to the media. Aslin recounted his detention, during which he was “treated worse than a dog”, al The Sun. Captured together with his compatriot Shaun Pinner in the southeastern city of MariupolAslin … Read more

He just recovered and was immediately beaten by Arema’s physical training, Bagas Adi is still traumatized

Bagas Adi is still traumatized because he has just recovered from an injury and was immediately beaten by Arema’s physical training. Physical training material has indeed become the focus of coach Javier Roca until this weekend to fill the 2022-2023 Liga 1 holiday. The stopper from Sleman last played in the match against Barito Putera … Read more

Pogba giggles!France’s two tender waists were beaten by the god of love and Mbappe was in a sloppy state – yqqlm

Original title: Pogba snickered!France’s two tender waists were beaten by the god of love, Mbappe was in a pulpy state In the final round match of Group A1 of the UEFA Nations League away against Denmark, the French team is not without pressure. With only 1 point ahead of the fourth-placed Austrian team in the … Read more

When President Jokowi is about to pass, a battered student is beaten by residents

loading… The crowd went on a rampage and beat up a suspected student when they were about to stage a demonstration in front of President Jokowi’s entourage, during a visit to Tual City. Photo/iNews TV/Dheddy Rumangun TUAL – Hundreds of residents who are waiting for the arrival of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) in Tual City, … Read more

Brutally beaten with irons and hammer after confusion at a kiosk

A 45-year-old man was brutally attacked with irons, sticks and a hammer this afternoon in Guimarães, during an argument that took place outside a kiosk. According to Santiago Groupwho advances the information, the man would have tried to calm the tempers between two other customers (father and son) and the kiosk employee, because she had … Read more

Beaten with clubs and brass knuckles in the supermarket parking lot, two serious men

Clubs, brass knuckles, telescopic batons and hammers. Then the screams and violence. Fear in the parking lot of a supermarket in Ladispoli where five men confronted each other, giving rise to a fight that involved two families. Four injured, all transported to hospital with fractures and injuries. A 43-year-old was particularly serious, hit with a … Read more