Quinté + Prix de Beaune, Wednesday at Vincennes. GOOFY GREENWOOD barely resists CRESCENDIS

Arrival in figures: 1 – 11 – 8 – 14 – 6 (NP: 15) STAR CHARM was the great animator of the race. He couldn’t resist the pack thrown at him as he entered the finish line, but he defended himself well to the end, rallying the post in sixth position. The first to attack … Read more

Quinté PMU – Prediction of the PRIX DE BEAUNE August 19, 2020

The Canalturf.com forecast Quinté + Wednesday at Vincennes with a European level C harness race, over 2850 meters long track, for 7 to 10 years inclusive, not having won € 325,000. STAR CHARM (our photo), pleasant winner of the quinté of July 8 in Enghien, will be very visible. Non runner : 15 RETZ CHALLENGE … Read more