“404 GAME RE:SET” held its first “cloud event” and the new CAST “Qi Weijie (Cathode)” debuted “404 GAME RE:SET -“

SEGA releases a new mobile game, save the girl who fell into the dark shooting style RPG “404 GAME RE:SET – Error game Re:set-》The first “cloud event” was held today. New CAST “strange world(Cathode)” is here! Simultaneously hold the “New CAST PICK UP Gacha” event. In the first live broadcast after the official launch, guest … Read more

Viral girls have to choose. Office man vs construction man Finally, answer the peak. People are dumped rich at the boss level.

surrounded by a thatched circle in the middle of the road When a beautiful girl has to choose Between an office worker vs a construction worker Finally, answer the peak. People are dumped rich at the boss level. website saostar.vn Vietnam reported a case that is being discussed online. A clip recording the incident of … Read more

Open your mind “Mickey” admits to being jealous physically abusing during sex but never bitten a young Jimi

A girl using the app found biting her genitals is still scared, while “Micky” prepares to meet the police, admits to being jealous of physical abuse during sex. But never the sadistic bite of Jimi. from the case of Miss A (reserve real name and surname) 28 years old female employee of a company travel … Read more

Using hypnotism to rewrite school life? “Hypnosis School Daily” will launch the Switch version from now on – Bahamut

Cyberstep Co., Ltd.’s novel game brand “PandaShojo” announced that the novel game “Hypnotic Academy Daily-Hypnotic” that is currently on sale in the Steam store School Days -” will be available for Nintendo Switch from March 2, 2023 (Thursday) on the Nintendo eShop. [The following content is the original text of the information provided by the … Read more

“Atelier Ryza 3” reveals the key to the story “Vientiane Ceremony” and the latest plot trailer “Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key” that includes the theme song

Taiwan’s Koei Tecmo is scheduled to release “TheAlchemy Workshop“The latest work in the series “Atelier Ryza 3 ~The Alchemist of the End and the Secret Key~(ライザのアトリエ3~未わりのAlchemist and the SecretのKey~)” (PS5/PS4/Switch/Steam), announced the sixth wave of game information, revealing the key to the story of the “Vientiane Grand Ceremony” and the theme song “Travelers” The latest … Read more

Cocomi, a beautiful Japanese girl who inherits her parents’ shocking beauty, is praised by Apple CEO Tim Cook

After nearly three years, Apple CEO Cook recently went to Japan to visit supply chain partners including Sony’s Kumamoto image sensor plant and Murata Manufacturing Co. on social platforms,Cook expressed his thoughts, and especially praised the flute performance of Kimura Takuya’s daughter Cocomi (Kimura Shinmi) who participated in the performance. Cocomi is the daughter of … Read more

Hyeja must read before entering the game ‘Four Great Tips’

Recently, there is a new mobile game that is rumored to be ‘Hyeja Game’. It is ‘Girls’ Frontline: Neural Cloud (hereafter referred to as Neural Cloud)’ released by Sunbon Network on the 23rd. During the test period, Neural Cloud showed a low ceiling and high draw probability, and was proven to be a good game. … Read more