Polish humanitarian aid to Lithuania – several dozen tents, hundreds of beds

“We established relations with our partners in Poland – the Polish Ministry of the Interior and Administration – at the very beginning of the crisis. (…) That cooperation has turned into support, which is understandable, “Deputy Minister of the Interior Arnoldas Abramavičius told reporters on Thursday. This support is Poland’s urgent response to Lithuania’s request … Read more

The Condition of Occupancy of Beds for COVID-19 Hospitals in Jakarta Drops

Jakarta, IDN Times – Bed occupancy rate (BOR) in 140 COVID-19 referral hospitals in Jakarta has decreased. The DKI Jakarta Provincial Government noted that the daily isolation bed occupancy rate was at 87 percent. A total of 10,016 beds were filled with isolation patients from a total of 11,566 beds. “The 3T strategy (testing, tracing, … Read more

“Anti-sex beds for Olympians so they don’t get covid”? They were designed in advance

Internet users discuss the beds prepared for the Olympians in Tokyo: that they are made of cardboard, so they are not very durable. And that it was because of the pandemic – because it was about limiting interpersonal contacts. However, the manufacturer ensures the durability of such furniture, and the bed design was created a … Read more

It turns out that this is the purpose of the Tokyo Olympics cardboard beds, not to prevent Cinlok athletes from having sex

Athletes’ beds in the Olympic village of Tokyo 2020 athletes whose frames are made of sturdy cardboard. (Source: Twitter) TOKYO, KOMPAS.TV – The athletes’ accommodation in the Olympic Village is known not to be luxurious. However, photos showing cardboard beds in the athletes’ rooms have become the subject of jokes on social media. The reasons … Read more

the “anti-sex” beds of the Olympic Games are a hit on social networks

Posted on Tuesday, July 20, 2021 at 2:31 p.m. Through AFP This is one of the curiosities of the Tokyo Olympics (July 23-August 8): at the Olympic Village, athletes sleep on ecological cardboard beds and some have had fun demonstrating their strength on social networks. His video showing him jumping up on his bed was … Read more

Anti-sex beds: the organizers prepared a surprise for the Olympians? | Sports

The beds will be made of cardboard, so they will break if several bodies fall on them. In total, as many as 18 thousand. such unstable beds, they will be easily recycled later. “The beds are made of cardboard, which aims to reduce the possibility of intimate relationships between athletes,” on Twitter wrote U.S. runner … Read more

Tokyo 2020. Cardboard beds in the Olympic Village. The runner showed the pictures

The Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games are fast approaching. Athletes arrive and prepare for the competition there. More behind-the-scenes photos are appearing on the web. Polish sailors showed what their Olympic village looks like, in turn, Zofia Klepacka praised the recording from the canteen showing the restrictions in this place. And one of the journalists posted … Read more

pick as much as possible at the seaside, rauta is also needed from flower beds

It came to Lithuania from Southern Europe to strengthen the dunes, but it spread too much, displacing native plant species. “Change the bouquets of lupines into invasive soap cocoons – they are already blooming and occupying large areas on the seaside. Some people think they can’t be destroyed, and there are penalties for that. This … Read more

Hospital São Vicente has 10% more beds than the first COVID-19 peak last year

Hospital São Vicente has 10% more beds than the first COVID-19 peak last year Published on 06/26/2021 at 4:12 pm With 323 beds currently in operation, Hospital São Vicente de Paulo (HSV), – the only reference in high public complexity for the Jundiaí Urban Agglomeration region – operates with 10% more beds than in the … Read more

Life-threatening baby cannot be operated on due to lack of beds

According to her family, a baby affected by heart disease remains at risk of life, who has not been able to be operated on for lack of beds in a Hospital in the Metropolitan region. The baby is currently in the pediatric ICU of the Clínica Alemana de Valdivia. He is in provisional treatment that … Read more