Household Mite Removal ︳ Hong Kong Women’s Amoy Mite Mite Removal Machine Suction Beds and Quilts in 10 Minutes

In order to keep the house clean, many people will vacuum regularly to prevent the breeding of dust mites. A Hong Kong woman posted to share that she spent about HK$220 online to buy a “mite removal machine” earlier. She praised that after 10 minutes of vacuuming the bed, it can absorb a lot of … Read more

Hospital beds in France remain empty due to staff shortages

France is faced with an immense shortage of healthcare workers. An entire hospital in Paris is closing its doors this week because of insufficient staff. “We are heading for the most difficult summer we have ever seen in France,” said FHF hospital federation president Frédéric Valletoux. “Three-quarters of hospitals are now caring for fewer patients … Read more

Suffering from metastatic cancer, she is placed on a stretcher for four days, for lack of beds

A woman with metastatic cancer was placed on a stretcher in the emergency room where she suffered for four days, awaiting urgent surgery due to a lack of available beds. • Read also: Three times as many patients wait days on an emergency room stretcher It was only Sunday evening, a few hours after his … Read more

Study Reveals Insecticide Beds Can Reduce Malaria Cases

London, MISTAR.IDBed nets treated with a new type of insecticide reduced malaria cases in children by nearly half in a large trial in Tanzania, according to research in The Lancet. The results of the research raise hopes for a new weapon in the fight against this ancient killer disease. Bed nets have been instrumental in … Read more

Insecticide Beds Can Lower Malaria Cases – A mosquito net coated with insecticide A new study that makes insects unable to move or fly has reduced cases of malaria in children by about 40 percent, according to a new study conducted in Tanzania involving Canadian researchers. This two-year study involved 39,000 Tanzanian households. In a randomized trial with more than … Read more

Rent a Soldier’s Boarding House Rp. 1.5 Million Per Month, Only Beds, and Haven’t Eaten

JAKARTA, – Chief of Army Staff (KSAD) General Dudung Abdurahman explained the rental costs that must be paid by soldier Balak, non-commissioned officers, and enlisted men who served in the Kodam Jaya environment. According to Dudung, the soldiers have to pay Rp 1.5 million per month to rent a rental. “The boarding house is … Read more

IMH spends 5.5 billion baht to set up 600 beds “IMH Hospital Bearing”

Dr. Sittiwat Kamkwong Chief Executive Officer Inter Medical Care and Lab Hospital Public Company Limited or IMH revealed that the Board of Directors’ meeting has approved the construction of a new hospital project Project value over 5,000 million baht under the name “IMH Bearing Hospital” which is a general hospital with a size of 600 … Read more

Winter Olympics stars delivered meals to “Bingdundun” from smart beds and robots. Czech beauty athletes “almost cried with excitement” when they received them | Blog Post

03/02/2022 11:59 Last update: 12:03 There are many highlights of the Winter Olympics. The fire intelligent bed, which was discovered by athletes from various countries at the beginning, is much stronger than the cardboard bed of the Tokyo Olympics. Robots are used to cook and deliver food in restaurants, all of which have become the … Read more

Environment: Grândola approved seven thousand more tourist beds

In a debate in the last municipal councils, Figueira Mendes, mayor of Grândola, warned that the county was “reaching the limit of tourist occupation” and that there seemed to be “gold there, given the price of land”. He said that “about 15,000” tourist beds were approved for the municipality. However, the actual number predicted for … Read more

COVID-19: in the face of the Omicron wave, British hospitals are opening temporary beds

London | British hospitals, “on a war footing” against the Omicron variant, will set up temporary structures to open up to 4,000 additional beds to prepare for a wave of admissions, the health services announced on Thursday. . • Read also: Joe Biden bogged down in COVID-19 management • Read also: The world is tightening … Read more