Municipality of Purmerend stops following residents under fake social media accounts

Purmerend – In May 2021, the PVV Purmerend submitted written questions to the council about the use of ‘fake accounts’ on social media by the municipality. Councilor Moinat posed these questions to the municipality in response to an article in de Volkskrant. The answers showed that a number of civil servants did indeed use a … Read more

Hemp nursery found during company inspections in Beemste…

One of the companies turned out to be used as a cannabis farm.© Photo Municipality of Beemster From our reporter Sunday, September 19, 2021 at 07:10 Westbeemster/Southeastbeemster During company checks on part of the Zuiderweg in Westbeemster and Zuidoostbeemster, a cannabis nursery was found, among other things. The nursery has been evacuated and a car … Read more