Nearly 200 years later, DNA from Beethoven’s hair reveals his poor health and a surprise about his ancestry

PLuckily, the German-speaking world of the early 19th century still adhered to the custom of keeping locks of hair from the dead, lucky for an archeology student named Tristan Begg and his collaborators… On a stormy Monday in March 1827, the German composer Ludwig von Beethoven died after a long illness. Bedridden since the previous … Read more

It wasn’t just alcohol that caused Beethoven’s liver problems, DNA analysis showed

Although they did not reveal the cause of the German composer’s deafness, they did find a genetic risk of liver disease and a liver-damaging hepatitis B infection, which he suffered in the last months of his life, she wrote agency AP. These factors together with alcohol consumption were probably enough to cause liver failure. According … Read more

Ludwig van Beethoven’s secret revealed by a posthumous “autopsy”.

NEW YORK – Short-tempered, suspicious, and convinced that everyone was out to cheat him. But the real enemy of Ludwig van Beethoven it was within himself: his liver, prone to getting sick. A study of the genome obtained from a lock of the great German composer’s hair has revealed that Beethoven had a genetic predisposition … Read more

What DNA Taken From Beethoven’s Hair Reveals About His Death

What are the causes of the death of the famous German composer Beethoven? Lead poisoning, cirrhosis of the liver… Medical biographers have proposed numerous hypotheses, including many essentially hereditary diseases. This is why researchers carried out a genetic analysis on strands of Beethoven’s hair. The German composer and pianist Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827) remains one … Read more

Beethoven’s DNA study reveals he didn’t die of poisoning. Here’s what killed him according to scientists

The research was conducted by the University of Cambridge, the Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, the American Beethoven Society, KU Leuven, FamilyTreeDna, Bonn University Hospital and the University of Bonn, Beethoven -Haus in Bonn and the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology It wasn’t lead poisoning that shut down the talent of Ludwig … Read more

Beethoven’s DNA sheds new light on his death

A research team has now used an unprecedented technique to shed new light on the German composer’s untimely demise: by analyzing his DNA from strands of his hair. Their study, published Wednesday in the scientific journal Current Biologyrevealed a strong genetic predisposition to liver disease, as well as hepatitis B virus infection at the end … Read more

Jewish family gets Beethoven’s handwritten sheet music back after 80 years | Abroad

A Jewish family receives handwritten sheet music by composer Ludwig van Beethoven from a Czech museum. Their relatives had to flee the country to escape the Holocaust and left behind the valuable sheet music. The museum in the Czech city of Brno has had the original manuscript for the fourth movement of one of Beethoven’s … Read more