Beetle discovered that can walk across the bottom of the water’s surface

Hanging upside down, the beetle walks at lightning speed over the underside of the water surface. And that’s something researchers have never seen. There are countless organisms that manage to survive in the water just fine. Most of them move – while swimming or diving – right through the water. But there are also organisms … Read more

New beetle species discovered in fossilized feces

Known as Triamyxa coprolithica, the tiny beetles are also the first insects described from fossilized feces — or coproliths — and were visible through a scanning method that uses strong X-rays, according to an investigation It was published Wednesday in the journal Current Biology. In addition to the discovery of beetles in coprolite, the scientific … Read more

New species of beetle discovered in 230 million year old dinosaur ancestor dung kotoran

Ladybug Triamyxa coprolithica was the first insect to be described from fossil dung. Source: Qvarnström et al. Ladybug Triamyxa coprolithica was the first insect to be described from fossil dung. Animals to which researchers owe their excellent preservation may have been the ancestors of dinosaurs Silesaurus opelensisthat ladybugs ate large numbers 230 million years ago. … Read more

The Hungarian engineer who asked for a single West German brand for Volkswagen’s “Beetle” plans

24 years ago, in 1997, Béla Barényi, a car design engineer of Hungarian origin, died at the age of 90, and to this day he is still widely respected worldwide. We know little about his name in Hungary, although he has played a prominent role in European car manufacturing and vehicle safety. He was the … Read more

They build a Volkswagen Beetle bigger than a Hummer and with a V8 engine

He Volkswagen Beetle It has been and will be one of the most popular cars ever made, although that popularity has not been enough for the German brand to give up its plan to remove it from the market. Last summer we had the moment of his farewell, but he still has countless fans who … Read more

A mini “beetle” robot that moves forward without a battery | Science | News | The sun

IThey named their robot “RoBeetle”, or beetle robot. It is only 15 millimeters in length, which makes the robotic beetle “one of the lightest and smallest autonomous robots ever created,” its inventor, Xiufeng Yang, told AFP. “We wanted to create a robot whose weight and size would be comparable to those of real insects,” adds … Read more

Video – Technology: the mini-robot “beetle” moving forward without a battery – 08/22/2020 16:59:16

Developed by a team from the University of Southern California, which advances, a robot climbs and carries loads thanks to artificial muscles, all without battrie. The robot, which is only 15 millimeters in length, has been dubbed “RoBeetle”, or robot beetle. .

Researchers are creating robotic beetle that ‘runs’ on methanol – IT Pro – Geeks

Researchers at the University of Southern California have created RoBeetle, a tiny 88-milligram robotic insect that contains no electronics but autonomously takes millimeter steps using methanol. RoBeetle’s body is a reservoir for the methanol. Over its back is a wire that expands with heat and shrinks when it cools. This actuator is made of nickel-titanium … Read more

Paul McCartney (78) went for a swim: Chief Big Beetle

The legendary rock icon may soon be able to add another notch to his life’s achievements. Representatives of the Canadian indigenous community of Walpole Island (on Lake St. Claire near Detroit) nominated him as a candidate for chief! If Sir Paul does not request the removal of his name from the list, he can compete … Read more

Scientists have developed a mini “beetle” robot that moves without battery

A team from the University of Southern California has developed an 88 milligram robot that moves, climbs and carries loads using artificial muscles, after solving a problem that has long held engineers in check: the source of energy on such small robots. They named their robot “RoBeetle“, or robot beetle. It is only 15 millimeters … Read more