Spaces in Medicine of the UAS are exhausted 5 minutes after pre-registration began

Culiacán, Sin.- Just 5 minutes after the online pre-registration of the Autonomous University of Sinaloa In the undergraduate degrees in the Health area, the spaces in Medicine. Other races that have already exhausted their spaces In the first half hour of pre-registration they are Nursing, Dentistry, Nutrition and Gastronomy, Chemical Biological Sciences. May interest you … Read more

The third phase of clinical trials of Sputnik Light, Russia’s single-dose coronavirus vaccine, began

Russian vaccine against coronavirus. EFE / Gyorgy Varga / Archive The third phase of clinical testing of the Russian single-dose coronavirus vaccine Sputnik Light began this Saturday in Moscow with the inoculation of almost half a thousand volunteers. “Today the first participants in the Sputnik Light vaccine research were vaccinated. As the volunteers pass the … Read more

Latin America began vaccinating against covid-19 two months ago: 5 conclusions so far

Vaccines from the Covax program to Venezuela, on the tight rope 3:59 (CNN Español) — On December 24, on Christmas Eve, vaccination against covid-19 began in Latin America. Two months later, what results were obtained? We tell you about it here. How many doses of the covid-19 vaccine were applied? At least 13,388,703 doses of … Read more

Boeing 777 caught fire and began to collapse right in the air – video of the incident

In the American city of Brumfield, Colorado, the Boeing 777 aircraft began to literally fall apart during the flight. Debris from an aircraft engine fell on residential buildings. A United Airlines plane flew from Denver to Honolulu. On takeoff, he had engine problems. The pilots managed to land safely at the airport of departure. According … Read more

Russians began to specifically infect children with smallpox

+ A – According to doctors, “wind parties” are, in fact, a crime The so-called “windmill parties” are gaining more and more popularity in Russia. The essence of the action is simple. Parents specially bring their healthy children to children with chickenpox. It seems like it’s better to get sick with this disease in childhood … Read more

Russian laboratory began researching prehistoric viruses in permafrost animals

The project is aimed at identifying paleoviruses and studying the evolution of viruses from the remains / A Russian state laboratory has announced the start of a study of prehistoric viruses by analyzing animal remains recovered from melted permafrost. The Siberian Laboratory said the goal of the project is to identify paleoviruses and conduct cutting-edge … Read more

Gaming hardware flowing to the market began to be stolen by employees of distribution companies

A powerful graphics card is a very valuable commodity today precisely because of its unavailability, which also applies to game consoles and especially the PlayStation 5. Market prices are rising and copying real demand and supply, and today people are willing to buy older hardware for big money and sellers are willing to set a … Read more

The trial with Trump began in the Senate. How will it go and how will it end?

Trump became the first White House chief to face a constitutional lawsuit twice. A two-thirds majority in the Senate is needed to convict him. Fifty Democrats must convince at least 17 Republicans in a 100-member cabinet, which is unlikely to succeed. “I’m 95 percent sure he’ll be acquitted,” political scientist Chris Haynes told NBC. The … Read more

Someone shouted for us to get out. Then water began to roll, the Indian described the rupture of the dam

“We worked about three hundred meters in the tunnel. Suddenly someone was whistling and yelling at us to get out fast. We put our feet on our shoulders, but the water was already pouring on us. It was like a scene from Hollywood. We thought we wouldn’t make it, “he told AFP. The flood destroyed … Read more

In Russia at an auction for 2 million rubles sold a photo of a riot policeman

Photo: Dmitry Markov The same photo The starting price of a photo at a charity auction started at 10 thousand rubles, and its cost increased to two million rubles per day. Photographer Dmitry Markov sold for two million rubles at a charity auction the only signed print of a photograph that he took in one … Read more