A couple begging while carrying a photo of their deceased child to buy crystal methamphetamine is given a written warning page all

KOMPAS.com – Head of Satpol PP Bukittinggi Aldiasnur said, MN (25), and BT (28), a married couple who begged while carrying photos of their deceased children to buy crystal meth have been given a written warning not to repeat the action again. He continued, if they still do the action again, they will be subject … Read more

Couple Begging while Bringing Photos of their Deceased Children to Buy Sabu Pages all

PADANG, KOMPAS.com – The husband and wife couple, MN (25) and BT (28), who were desperate to beg to buy drugs turned out to bring a photo of their dead child. Her daughter who died was used as a tool to attract people’s pity. The money from begging was apparently used by a couple who … Read more