“The goose has already begun to scream”, Fox supports Lilly Téllez towards 2024

The panista senator Lilly Tellez received the support of former president Vicente Fox as one of the possible opposition candidates for the 2024 elections. In a video posted on her social networks, the senator appears alongside the former president who tells her that “with your skirts and your courage” you are one who can achieve … Read more

Scientific discovery reveals that human DNA has begun to evolve – Enseñame de Ciencia

It is true that the differences we have with other primates are quite marked, such as cognitive development, reasoning, and the creation of technology that characterizes us as a species. In our cells, specifically in our DNA, truly surprising processes are taking place, which are considered unexpected, due to the fact that, in highly studied … Read more

Automobile companies have begun a quiet exit from China. The reason is not only covid – Magazín – Auto

Western car companies would not like to experience a similar scenario in China as in Russia last year. According to the Financial Times, they ordered a retreat. In silence for now. Photo: Polestar Polestar is one of the car companies that manufacture in China. It is no secret that Western car companies have not been … Read more

Wagner Group, Prigozhin | ISW: The Kremlin has begun to lose faith in the Wagner leader

In its latest report, the American think tank Institute for the study of war (ISW), which follows the invasion of Ukraine very closely, writes that the Kremlin’s trust in Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin has weakened: – Prigozhin’s star has begun to fade after months of apparent progress, after he failed to deliver on promises to … Read more

The era of satellite Internet has begun: high speed and coverage of remote areas

Satellite Internet has always had a bad reputation due to the slow service it provides. It is the kind of internet that many people in the world usually turn to as a last resort or use if they are stuck on a long flight. However, this scene has begun to change, as the satellite-based Internet … Read more

War in Ukraine. Archbishop Shevchuk: Russia has begun to rot

– We can see that everything that is opening its murderous jaws in Ukraine today is the result of the diseases of the post-Soviet society, which in Russia, instead of rebuilding itself after the Soviet Union, began to rot – said in an interview for the Ukrainian Pravda portal, the head of the Ukrainian Greek … Read more

Apple’s new apps for Windows have begun to be tested

On Wednesday, preview versions of three new Apple apps appeared on the US version of the Microsoft Store. The apps in question are called Apple Music Preview, Apple TV Preview and Apple Devices Preview, where the latter app is used to manage devices such as Iphone, Ipad and Ipad. The system requirement is Windows 11, … Read more

US Collapse Forecasters Say World War 3 Has Begun

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – World War 3 (WW III) has started. This was stated by one of France’s leading intellectuals, Emmanuel Todd, in an interview with the newspaper Le Figaro last week. The anthropologist and historian also claims that the West is currently in an existential conflict over Ukraine, contradicting the idea that Russia has … Read more

Has the US dollar begun its journey of decline against the Egyptian pound?

Perhaps the breakthrough in dollar flows had a significant positive impact on the exchange market in Egypt. I backed off The exchange rates of the dollar against the Egyptian pound at the end of recent transactions, At a value of 9 to 5 piasters in Egyptian banks, as the dollar exchange rates witnessed a great … Read more

There is an allegation of poisoning, a seller of Chiki Ngebul snacks in Yogyakarta has begun to be prosecuted

TEMPO.CO, Yogyakarta – The Yogyakarta Food and Drug Supervisory Agency (BBPOM) has begun to crack down on selling popular snacks Chiki blew in Yogyakarta after there was a finding of a case of poisoning due to the snack. At least two children in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta respectively aged 5 and 7 years on 9 January … Read more