Angry Oosting appeals to supporters: “Behave…

Joseph Easting Foto: © Pro Shots In the last two minutes, after two strikes, the players of FC Utrecht and RKC Waalwijk demonstratively stopped playing football. Joseph Oosting, trainer of RKC, tells a powerful statement in front of the camera ESPN. Oosting was full of incomprehension afterwards. “Actually, I don’t want to say anything about … Read more

It is extremely cheap to travel by taxi in Turkey, but you need to know a few rules: how to behave when you get in, so you don’t get scammed

You can travel from Istanbul Airport to the city center by bus, metro or taxi. I have tried all three methods and they have all lasted very, very long. You should allocate at least an hour for this. Don’t be afraid to take a taxi in Istanbul – here this service is one of the … Read more

How did Tawfiq Al-Daqin behave when Najeeb Al-Rihani mocked his name? .. video

Books: Gamal Abdel Nasser Wed, 03 May 2023 09:00 AM Counselor revealed Madi Tawfiq Al-Daqin On the position of his father’s meeting with the artist Najeeb Al-Rayhani, when Al-Rayhani was in the selection committee for actors, and one of them was the late artist Tawfiq Al-Daqen, Al-Rayhani asked him: What is this chin, what does … Read more

Putin’s henchman lost: he is trying to give Putin a new idea on how to behave on the war front

Analysts of the US Institute of Military Studies (ISW) say that Yevgeny Prigozhin, the founder of the military company “Wagner”, in response to Ukraine’s counterattack, is likely trying to convince Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to order his army to maintain defensive positions and try not to lose occupied Ukrainian territories, Ukrinform writes. “. “Recently, Prigozhin’s … Read more

“Rimi” Riga Marathon Running School #4. How to behave in a marathon / Article

The fourth topic of the running school was devoted to practical knowledge of behavior in a marathon. The school participants were addressed by several experts, including Aigars Nords, the head of the marathon organizing team. “Rimi” Riga Marathon in different distances will take place on May 6 and 7. Typo? Highlight the text and press … Read more

The strange dismissal of the STT director: why does the president behave so mysteriously?

The presidency probably sought a quiet and calm dismissal of the director of the Special Investigation Service, Žydrūnas Bartkaus, because the term of office of the head of this institution responsible for the fight against corruption has just ended. But MPs suspect that something more is hidden here. Ž. Last week, Bartkus did not appear … Read more

In Eden, the Spartans reigned, and there were also glorifiers. A lot of coaches wouldn’t behave like the Eyed, says the expert

The team around the super scorer Robert Lewandowski was knocked down by the goals of three fighters from Sparta. Ladislav Krejčí Jr.’s goal after less than half a minute was followed up by debutant Tomáš Čvančara a few tens of seconds later. Jan Kuchta came through in the second half. “Kings of Eden? I hope … Read more

SpaceX is falling some of its new Starlink satellites out of the sky

SpaceX is struggling with faulty satellites. Experts had observed that the new “Starlink V2 Mini” models behaved unusually shortly after they were launched. Now the company confirms that some of the satellites will be deliberately destroyed by re-entry. Let … The Starlink V2 Minis don’t want to stay in orbit With the Starlink V2 Minis, … Read more

It is already predictable how the new tour operator will behave as soon as it starts working in Lithuania – passengers will like it

The head of the Lithuanian Tourism Association (LTA), Milda Plepytė-Rainienė, confirmed that “Anex Tour” has registered the company “Sia Baltic World” in Latvia, and will operate in Lithuania through the established branch “Anextour Lietuva”. “We are sure that the new management’s accumulated knowledge in the Baltic States and the long-term experience of the company’s departments … Read more

This is how Russians behave. They passed a tank. Here is the finale –

share Tweet A video from the Luhansk region appeared on social media. It shows a Russian tank that deliberately drove into a car. All because this… wanted to overtake him. As a result, the driver and passengers of the car were seriously injured. Russian soldiers during the war proved many times that that they are … Read more