Mane’s agent on his relationship with Mohamed Salah: The behavior of one of them sometimes bothered the other

The public relations agent and advisor to the Senegalese, Sadio Mane, Bayern Munich player, spoke about his relationship with his Egyptian colleague Mohamed Salah in Liverpool. The duo played a vital role together in helping the Merseyside team win major titles in both England and Europe. And speculations have previously spread about the bad relationship … Read more

Why did you divorce, Nora?? Bossi’s sister boldly answers and exposes her husband’s shameful behavior and what he did on the wedding night!!

2022/06/26 It’s 11:40 pm Island Bay | Follow Favorite A few days ago, the artist, Noura, celebrated her 68th birthday, as she is one of the beauties of Egyptian cinema, and presented a number of important artworks during her artistic career. Noura’s real name is Alawia Mustafa Muhammad Qadri, she was born in Cairo in … Read more

Sonic Origins with a lot of bugs and fan criticism. Even the creators themselves complain about the state of the game and Sega’s behavior

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> We already wrote about some problems with Sonic Origins the day before yesterday, when the first reviews of this compilation appeared. The remasters themselves also contributed to the topic. The average Sonic Origins earned on OpenCritic is 8/10. So it would seem that there are no major problems with the compilation of iconic platformers. … Read more

a video of Putin’s strange behavior appeared

The Russian dictator was tired of his propagandist speeches and was looking for more interesting activities. “The great and invincible leader of the superpower has become timid and chewed on his nails,” the report said. The footage shows Putin empathizing while his chief propagandist, Margarita Simonian, praises “great Russia.” At the same time, Ukrainian blogger … Read more

Research identifies origin of iron selenide superconductor’s enigmatic behavior

Quantum physicists at Rice University are part of an international team that has answered a puzzling question at the forefront of iron-based superconductor research: Why do electrons in iron selenide dance to a tune? different when moving right and left rather than forward and backward? A research team led by Xingye Lu at Beijing Normal … Read more

On the night of the wedding, Nora was aware of Hatem Zulficar’s shameful behavior, so she asked for a divorce immediately and ran away to her home.. The star exposed what he was doing with all boldness!

Because of her remarkable beauty, the artist Nora = was exposed to the rumor of a secret marriage, and she was the talk of the public and the media. The rumor of Noura’s marriage at the age of 70 to a famous businessman ignited the communication sites, which forced her to break her silence, put … Read more

On the night of the warbler.. Al-Shahroura Sabah asked for a divorce from Rushdi Abaza immediately.. She exposed his evasion and his strange behavior with her without shame!!

The famous Lebanese singer Sabah is considered one of the most prominent artists in Lebanon and the Arab world, along with Fairuz and Wadih Al-Safi, as her career spanned from the mid-1940s until the 2000s. Sabah left behind a great artistic, television, cinematic and theatrical legacy that immortalized her in the artistic field and among … Read more

Lithuanians attract cheaper fuel and smokers to Belarus: economists warn of such behavior

Going to save Representatives of the Lithuanian Customs Department told Delfi that the total flow of passenger cars to Belarus has increased since the country announced a visa-free regime for the citizens of the European Union, and today the number of passenger cars from Lithuania has increased fivefold. It is said that the population there … Read more

The largest French newspaper focuses on the Baltic countries: Russian behavior is reminiscent of the 1940s

“If we want to understand the Baltic states’ incompatibility with Vladimir Putin, we must remember the torture they suffered 82 years ago when Stalin occupied and annexed them. There are analogies to what Ukrainians living under Russian occupation are experiencing to a lesser extent today, ”the publication said. According to the historian, the behavior of … Read more

Central African Republic: An alert study on the diurnal behavior of malaria mosquitoes

The study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States (PNAS) reveals that mosquitoes bite as much during the day as at night. These daytime bites could reduce the effectiveness of malaria control efforts. “Daytime mosquito predation has long been neglected. Researchers from the Institute of Research for Development … Read more