Disgusting behavior by the hosts of M¦ 2022. Qatar pays fans to mock Germany M¦

O scandalous scenes in the stands during the clash between the Spaniards and Germany we informed this morning. Outraged Qataris used the image of Ozil as a symbol of the hypocrisy of the Germans, who spoke loudly about human rights violations in Qatar. As it turns out, this was an intentional action by Qatar, which … Read more

“Both of them were able to eat hot ramen” Providing time difference for parents and children, customers impressed by the concern of Kairikiya … Clerk “Normal behavior”: J-CAST News[Full text display]

“You can boil one bowl at a time, so please tell me if you need it!” This is an episode of Twitter user Tsukushi, who took turns eating with his partner when eating out with a young child. It was said that they were impressed that they were able to eat hot food after a … Read more

Merkel on the last meeting with Putin: She noticed a fundamental change in his behavior

In an interview with the Spiegel weekly, former German Chancellor Angela Merkel returned to her last meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. The pair met in August 2021, but even then Merkel noticed a fundamental change in Putin’s behavior. He also invited the Russian foreign minister to their joint meeting for the first time. Thanks … Read more

A high consumption of paracetamol would promote risky behavior

Over-the-counter in pharmacies, paracetamol is often well tolerated and rarely responsible for side effects. In any case, this is what we thought before an American study came to suggest that this analgesic could hinder our perception of risks and danger. Paracetamol is the best-selling drug in France, to the point that their sale is limited … Read more

Sleep disturbance triggers sexual behavior and can lead to rape

A rare type of sleep disorder has come to the center of a court case over rape after a lawsuit was filed in the UK🇧🇷 In this case, the accused argued that the victim, Jade McCrossen-Nethercott, suffered from a parasomnia that involves sexual behavior while the person sleeps and, therefore, he claimed that he did … Read more

The story of a man who rented his house for 120,000 riyals… and his wife’s sudden behavior towards the tenant made him give up the amount! • Observatory Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Sultan Al-Makhlafi narrated the story of a woman who lost 120,000 riyals with her husband because of a WhatsApp message. During an interview with Al-Resala TV, he said, “A story that happened 3 or 4 years ago, of a virtuous man and his wife, who rented his house in northern Riyadh to a … Read more

William Poromaa strange behavior in SVT | Swedish Lady

The behavior was caught by the cameras and shown on SVT. Frida Karlsson is perhaps Sweden’s biggest star in cross-country skiing. Karlsson has reaped success and is now looking towards the WC in Planica, which will be decided in February 2023. This weekend it was time for the national premiere in Bruksvallarna and there was … Read more

Meghan Markle again received sharp arrows of criticism: netizens call the behavior of Prince Harry’s spouse deplorable

Of course, the sound that didn’t make the English greeting (‘ello’ was heard instead of ‘hello’) could also have been the result of editing, although Jamil responded with ‘ellow’ and laughed, then Meghan added: ‘Hello, mate. How are you?” Whatever the reason for the British accent, Meghan, who currently lives in California, immediately drew criticism … Read more

THIS most used analgesic in the world induces risky behavior

A study carried out by scientists at Ohio State University found that the use of acetaminophen (paracetamol), which is currently the most commonly used analgesic by individuals around the world, can induce its consumers to initiate risky behavior and lose awareness of potential situations. of risk. Therefore, in today’s article we will talk about this … Read more

Europe’s shameful behavior with money must end: a dam is being built for the flow to Russia, a channel is being dug for Ukraine

In turn, the Lithuanian ambassador to the EU Arnold Pranckevičius observes that until now the provision of European economic aid to Ukraine has been uncoordinated. “Every decision took us a long time, it was not easy. As a result, the European Commission, having learned from that experience, decided (I think very correctly) to present a … Read more