MicroStrategy shares rise after Bitcoin investment, Apple and Microsoft fall – BeInCrypto

The actions of the tech giants Microsoft Y Apple they fell 4.71% and 6.89%, respectively, in October. Instead, MicroStrategy (MSTR) shares were up 11.3% over the same period and have risen alongside the company’s decision to move 75% of its cash reserves to the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC). Since August, when the company made its … Read more

FC Barcelona fans will be able to vote with the BAR token the songs of the Camp Nou – BeInCrypto

Socios.com, a blockchain-based fan voting and rewards app, announced on October 27 that Fútbol Club Barcelona fans could choose the Camp Nou playlist. Through a press release, Socios.com Indian what FC Barcelona fans could help choose the songs that will play at Camp Nou this season, specifically those that will be heard when the team … Read more

Fixed Income Loans with Yield Protocol – BeInCrypto

A new DeFi platform called Yield Protocol wants to make it possible to take out fixed-interest loans. Currently, DeFi loans only have a variable interest rate. This makes it difficult for borrowers to predict what amount they will eventually have to repay. In the worst case, there is a risk of the security deposited being … Read more

Argentina express kidnapping solved after paying ransom in Bitcoin – BeInCrypto

An Argentine trader who had been kidnapped last Tuesday, October 13, has been released after paying a ransom in Bitcoin. An Argentine merchant, owner of a supermarket located in Quilmes, was the victim of a kidnapping that occurred last Tuesday, October 13, in the Argentine city of Buenos Aires. The event happened when the victim … Read more

OKEx drama and the dangers of crypto custody exchanges – BeInCrypto

The dangers of storing cryptocurrencies custody platforms were again highlighted when internal problems within crypto exchange OKEx caused the company to suspend withdrawals. With around $ 2.3 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) trapped in OKEx’s vaults, the news that OKEx paused withdrawals caused some shock waves in the market. Since then, Bitcoin has recovered from … Read more

Barcelona port authority used blockchain for its remote elections – BeInCrypto

The Barcelona Port Authority (APB) used a remote voting system based on blockchain to celebrate the elections of members of the 2020 Works Council. This was announced by the Port of Barcelona on October 19, through an official statement. According to the press release from the Port of Barcelona, Voting was carried out electronically on … Read more

The real “new Bretton Woods treaty” already happened in 2009 with Bitcoin – BeInCrypto

The new global economic situation is lurking with immeasurable financial consequences. Given this, the International Monetary Fund made a call to define a new economic order under the label of the “new Bretton Woods”, as if the name were to ensure the success of the decisions. The truth is that the banal use of this … Read more

France will combat terrorist financing through cryptocurrencies – BeInCrypto

The French Government wants to end the terrorist financing that is being carried out through the cryptocurrencies. This was pointed out by the French Minister of the Economy, Bruno le Maire in the program Dimanche en Politique on the TV channel Antena 3 de France. According to the words of the French Minister “Cryptocurrencies pose … Read more

Footballers create blockchain campaign against the fight against breast cancer – BeInCrypto

The Iberdrola Women’s League of Spain has organized a virtual duel with autographed collectible cards in the blockchain of Watafan, with the aim of raising funds to fight against breast cancer. The information was disclosed through the Futboleras website, on October 19. From Monday the 19th and until next Thursday the 22nd, 20 players from … Read more

Mike Novogratz increases his position in BTC and heralds bullish rally – BeInCrypto

The sentiment in the crypto community has changed now that bulls are back on the scene. With the trading price of Bitcoin (BTC) approaching $ 12,000, investors know from experience that this could just be the beginning of another big rally. Billionaire investor Mike Novogratz seems to think so. The head of Galaxy Digital tweeted … Read more