Political scientists: reducing the Lithuanian embassy in Minsk will make it more difficult to help Belarusians

The Belarusian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Tuesday that it would reduce the Lithuanian embassy to a minimum – leaving only one diplomatic representative in charge of consular affairs. According to Minsk, such a decision will be valid until the “unfriendly, confrontational Lithuanian initiatives towards Belarus” are abolished. Minsk called the decision of the … Read more

Nausėda: The Minsk regime continues to despise the right of Belarusians to build their own future

“The regime, which has neglected the right of the people of Belarus to elect their own power, continues to despise the right of one of the peoples of Europe to shape its own future. With his hands, the Kremlin is trying to maintain its crumbling “sphere of influence.” We know full well that anyone who … Read more

Dozens of Belarusians living in Lithuania staged a protest at the border

Such a roadblock is a new tactic by Belarusian opposition activists to pay more attention to the demands of the protesters: to lift the ban on the Belarusian regime leaving the country and for the European Union to tighten sanctions on the Belarusian regime. About 30 Belarusian opposition activists, stationed in a nearby camp, blocked … Read more

Belarusians in exile want to return to their homeland

The head of the Lithuanian government, Ingrida Šimonīte, points out that the regime in Belarus cannot be changed from the outside, but Lithuania and other countries can provide asylum to the Belarusian people. Šimonīte had arrived on her first visit to Latvia on Friday, and the situation in Belarus was one of the main topics … Read more

Ryanair boss says Belarusians lied and threatened to force plane down in Minsk – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

Today, Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary told about fromn dramatic event over Belarus on 23 May before a committee in the British Parliament. The arrest Flight FR4978 was on its way from Athens when the plane landed unexpectedly in the Belarusian capital Minsk. The plane should have continued to Vilnius. But according to O’Leary, the pilot … Read more

By supporting Lukashenka, the Kremlin is against the Belarusians

A Russian intervention in Belarus is going, or is it not? In an interview with Rossiya television, Vladimir Putin informed that Alexander Lukashenka asked him to “form a certain reserve of law enforcement officials” and that he had complied with this request, and that this “reserve” would enter action in Belarus only when “the situation … Read more

Participants of the action in support of Belarusians detained in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Klimov, in a conversation with RBC, confirmed that he was in the Tverskoy OVD. According to him, the detainees “are simply issued fines.” “The bottom line is that the people who are with me – they write that they drank, smoked in the playground, that is, administrative fines of 500 rubles. There are no things … Read more

Babiš: Injured Belarusians could be treated in hospitals in the Czech Republic

According to Syyanokova, the Belarusian national minority living in the Czech Republic insists that the Czechia does not recognize the official election results and that it does not treat Alexander Lukashenko as a legitimate president. “There are several people in Belarus who are injured in need of medical help. We agreed that the Czech Republic … Read more

EU wants sanctions against Belarusians responsible for sham election | NOW

Foreign ministers of EU member states want to impose sanctions on Belarusian officials responsible for the sham election and the violence that followed against protesters, they decided at an extra meeting on Friday. Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko, who has been in power since 1994, was victorious with about 80 percent of the vote – a … Read more

Belarusians are crying out for change, why doesn’t the West intervene?

There has been major unrest in Belarus since President Lukashenko, who has been in power for 26 years, says he won the elections. With no less than eighty percent of the votes. The opposition accuses him of large-scale fraud and has taken to the streets in protest. The protesters are being treated very hard. European … Read more