Index – Belföld – The police were greeted by the sight of a freshly severed head while they were being checked in Kölesden

The Szekszárd police stopped a car in Kölesden for a road check on Sunday afternoon. The driver of the vehicle was a 23-year-old local man. While checking the car a trophy head was found in the trunk, which was later revealed to have been cut from a deer carcass found in the Varsád area by … Read more

Index – Belföld – The entrepreneurs of the party district would restart the negotiations with cleaning machines

The owners of the entertainment venues made unusual commitments The entrepreneurs of the party district have joined together in a joint civil society organization, and with a united action, they would move the negotiation process between the municipality, the residents and the entrepreneurs, which had been stalled for a year, out of the deadlock. The … Read more

Index – Belföld – Judith Varga would also be interviewed by the investigators of the Pegasus scandal

According to the plans, the delegation of the European Parliamentary Special Committee (PEGA) established to investigate the Pegasus wiretapping scandals arriving in Hungary on February 20-21 will also meet with the Minister of Justice Judit Varga and Attila Péterfalvi, the President of the National Data Protection and Freedom of Information Authority (NAIH), the People’s word. … Read more

Index – Belföld – The mysteriously missing lawyer has been found

As we reported earlier, a 29-year-old young man disappeared on Monday. According to information from the Szeged Police Department, T. Á. on Monday morning, he left a nightclub in Budapest to an unknown location. On the Facebook page for missing people – you can share it, it was written that the man, who works as … Read more

Index – Belföld – One person died in the apartment fire in Budapest on Tuesday morning

On Tuesday, at three-thirty in the morning, the disaster management service received a report that a single-family house had caught fire in Budapest, in the XV. district. The fire started in one of the lightweight outbuildings of the house on Kolozsvári Street, from where it spread to the family house next to it, OKF said. … Read more

Index – Belföld – Bezár Tatabánya’s legendary hamburger joint

The owners of the store, Endre Csongrádi and his wife, opened their hamburger joint called Dixie in 1989: at that time, all the young people of the city came to eat there, because there was no McDonald’s in the city. The couple a kemma.husaid that it was not easy to make this decision, but they … Read more

Index – Belföld – According to Gergely Karácsony, it is pure luck that Viktor Orbán is not an ordinary actor

The mayor gave an interview to, which asked, among other things, whether he was surprised by the Chain Bridge reactions, after he did not suggest that cars would also use the partially completed bridge after its final completion. I can’t be surprised by anything anymore. However, I hope that a misunderstanding will be cleared … Read more

Index – Belföld – Range Rover caused an accident on the Árpád bridge, the camera captured everything

“On Saturday night at 11:03 p.m., we witnessed an accident on the Árpád Bridge. As far as we know there were no injuries, we stopped and asked if everyone was okay. The accident was caused by a Range Rover that overtook us from the right at high speed. Five young people were sitting in it, … Read more

Index – Belföld – Smokers can prepare, it won’t be easy from February

Until now, herbal heating sticks could be purchased outside the National Tobacco Shops. However, the Parliament recently decided that from February 1, 2023, products that do not contain tobacco and are typically herbal-based and can be consumed with heating technology will also be subject to a seal, writes the Tobacco Magazine. From a tax point … Read more

Index – Belföld – A two-month-old girl died in a child protection center

On Wednesday, December 7, a two-month-old baby died in the child protection center on Tüzér Street in Veszprém. The Veszprém County Director of the General Directorate of Social and Child Protection did not comment on the news blackout– kid. Tímea Péterné Cernák, an employee of one of the nearby institutions, told the newspaper that … Read more