Brice Samba, new call to the Blues: “It may seem crazy, but I’ve always believed in it”

In this hotel where he had given us an appointment on Sunday, few of them recognize Brice Samba. Selected for the first time by Didier Deschamps, the Lensois is not yet a star character for the general public. At 28, the former Marseillais, author of a brilliant season, has just experienced the most intense hours … Read more

a murder is believed to have been committed there, but police are not commenting at this time

What is happening, this Friday afternoon, in a house on rue du Bilemont, in Mouscron? A police force intervened between 1 p.m. and 1:30 p.m., and is still on site, in the presence of the corps commander. Traffic is only possible on one lane, the one opposite a house in which the police are busy, … Read more

“We couldn’t believe our eyes”

More than a year ago, Johan Vrolix ordered his new American fridge on Unfortunately, not everything went as planned. “It was delivered two days later but the stainless steel door was full of dents, as if someone had thrown tennis balls at it,” he told our colleagues from HBvL. of videos After complaining, Johan … Read more

A diet responsible for heart problems (although it was believed to be good for your health)

The ketogenic diet, also called “keto”, is renowned for losing weight and improving health, but English doctors have shown that it can also increase bad cholesterol (LDL) levels and double the risk of heart disease. Always be wary of diets. Prioritize fats rather than the sucres is the basic principle of ketogenic diet also called … Read more

Commentator Filip Joos: “Liverpool were impressive, but that was also because United believed in it until 4-0” | Premier League

You could speak of a historic evening in the Premier League yesterday: Manchester United’s 7-0 pandering to Liverpool. Filip Joos witnessed the match as a commentator for Play Sports at Anfield: “It was longer than expected with a 7-0, a very good match between 2 teams.” “Liverpool was impressive”, Filip Joose kicked in an open … Read more

Ukraine recovers bodies of 17 soldiers believed to have been killed in battle

Ukraine recovered this Friday 17 bodies of soldiers from its army that were killed in the theater of operations against Russian soldiers. In a note published on social networks, the Ministry of Reintegration of Ukraine informs that the bodies were recovered by the Office of the Commissioner for Missing Persons and the Ukrainian Law Enforcement … Read more

“Samsung Securities, believed to be conservative, has quite a lot of real estate PF”…Investor’s sense

As soon as he retired from Samsung executives in 2019, he spent most of his severance pay to buy stocks in Samsung Securities. This is because Samsung Securities’ annual dividend rate is high at more than 4%, and unexpected losses are expected to be small due to the conservative nature of Samsung Securities. However, Kim’s … Read more

The UN vote on Russia went well. I wouldn’t have believed it last year, says the head of HRW

Louis Charbonneau, a former journalist and current representative of the well-known human rights organization Human Rights Watch, spoke in the Czech Parliament to inform about the activities of HRW in a number of human rights topics and also to convince the parliamentarians to reconsider their unreserved support for Israel. It was not an easy task, … Read more

Even if there is, “Wormhole” is believed to be difficult to be used as a trajectory for interspace-time travel

<img alt="Artist's concept of traveling through a wormhole (wormhole) using a hypothetical spacecraft equipped with “negative energy” induction rings as described by Les Bossinas for NASA in 1998. While theoretically possible, traveling through wormholes, even if they exist, is difficult and fraught with challenges.” height=”768 ” loading=”lazy” sizes=”(max-width:1280px) 1280px, (max-width:720px) 720px, (max-width:1024px) 1024px, (max-width:676px) 676px, … Read more

“I never believed in his suicide”

“I’ve always been worried about her,” the former roommate and friend of Johanna immediately confides to the NBC reporter. On October 8, 2015, Johanna Becker’s life ended, under the blows of her husband, Craig Becker, a soldier in the Navy and based at SHAPE since 2013. The show “Dateline” retraces the sad fate reserved for … Read more