Farmer treated for coronavirus: I believed the statements of anti-vaccine

Farmer receiving corona treatment: I believed the statements of anti-vaccine Mutlu Korkmaz, who is a farmer in the Tomarza district of Kayseri, applied to the state hospital with a complaint of muscle pain 2 weeks ago, and the coronavirus test was positive. Korkmaz, who was treated at home for 10 days, was taken to Kayseri … Read more

Pollution is believed to cause 6 million premature births worldwide each year

The pollution of air is responsible for 6 million premature births worldwide each year, according to a study by the University of California (United States) having condensed the results of several previous studies. It would also cause the birth of 3 million babies suffering underweight, reveals The Guardian relayed by Slate. For this study, researchers … Read more

Gavory, a central role at Standard: “I’ve always believed in it”

The French defender, repositioned in the axis, is doing well in the absence of Laifis. At the start of the season, Nicolas Gavory did not have a good press with the followers and the public of Standard. The full-back, after an interesting first half of the season in 2018-19, left a mixed impression last season … Read more

Iceland briefly believed that the elections would lead to an unprecedented situation in Europe

In the 63-seat parliament called the Alting, first convened nearly 1,100 years ago, women will take 30 seats – 47.6 percent, according to the results obtained after the counting of votes in the Northwest constituency. They were announced by Ingi Tryggvason, chairman of the constituency election commission. Earlier on Sunday, it was announced that women … Read more

The new coronavirus probably comes from bats and is believed to have been transmitted to humans (media)

Through : Norbert| Key words : USA-health-survey| Updated on 09-18-2021 It is likely that SARS-CoV-2, the virus responsible for the COVID-19 pandemic, originated in bats and has spread to humans, according to a recent article published by US media. As viruses move from one host to another, they must mutate to adapt to the … Read more

Myanmar Military Junta Difficulty Recruiting New Members, Believed to be Due to Coup and Brutality

Myanmar military junta soldiers. (Source: AP Photo) NAYPYIDAW, KOMPAS.TV – Myanmar’s military junta reportedly struggles to recruit new members, after only a few people apply to enter the country’s military academy. The difficulty was allegedly due to the military coup and brutal actions against anti-regime protesters. The lack of new recruits is believed to be … Read more

PPKM Believed To Be Relaxed, Retail Sector Shares Succeeded In The First Session

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – PT Samuel Sekuritas Indonesia recorded a number of share in the retail sector was successful in the first session of trading today. In addition to retail issuers, the quartet of shares of cigarette issuers also strengthened in the first session of the day after briefly turning red on the previous trading day. … Read more

A sports lover who rejected the vaccine dies at the age of 42: “He believed himself immortal”

John Eyers, a man from 42 years who loved to climb mountains and lift weights, died a few days ago from COVID-19 in the UK after refusing the vaccine. Although he was a healthy person, even though he had asthma, he had to be admitted to the ICU and passed away for a organic failure … Read more

They discover that the tyrannosaurus rex was a more fearsome predator than previously believed

The investigation showed that the nerves of the jaw of tyrannosaurs were more complexly distributed than any other dinosaur studied to date. Moreover, they are comparable to those of crocodiles and birds that search for food by touch, animals that have extremely acute senses, informs EurekAlert. What this means is that the king Tiranosaurio it … Read more

Finding Revolutionizes EVERYTHING Believed About “Interstellar Visitors”

Lapatilla August 23 2021, 5:41 pm Interstellar comet 2I / Borisov travels through our solar system in an art print obtained by Reuters on April 20, 2020 (NRAO / AUI / NSF, S. Dagnello / REUTERS) In August 2019, an amateur astronomer discovered something incredible: a huge and rare interstellar object that was crossing our … Read more