‘I’m 22 weeks pregnant. Oh, what a big belly you already have!’. Why are we even saying this?

If you are allowed to become pregnant for the second time, you will experience it very differently. I sure did, because I got pregnant with twins the first time. Now that I ‘only’ carry one child in my belly, it is a relaxed experience. Far fewer ailments, far fewer complaints, much more energy: a totally … Read more

This food fires up the metabolism! It burns belly and hip fat by blazing speed… – Gallery

Roza Gallery Roza Diyet This food fires up the metabolism! It burns belly and hip fat by blazing speed… The weight problem is one of the situations that many people struggle with. After a certain age, fat burning becomes more difficult as metabolism slows down. This makes it very difficult to lose weight. But when … Read more

Staying cool in the scorching heat? Echidnas blow snot bubbles and do belly jumps

The hairy and spiky, pointy-billed critters don’t exhibit the usual behavior that most other animals rely on to keep from overheating. Sweating is out of the question because they don’t have the right glands. They don’t pant or lick themselves either. But they do have a secret weapon. Research by Professor Christine Cooper, of Australia’s … Read more

4 fastest ways to reduce belly, reduce belly overnight, wake up with a flat belly.

Want to reduce belly within 1 day, reduce belly overnight, wake up with a flat belly, recommended 4 The fastest way to reduce belly Follow this! It is a way for us to eat well and exercise together. Follow and reduce belly. Must try! The fastest way to reduce belly 1. Avoid food before bedtime. … Read more

Barbie Vélez showed her pregnant belly during her last vacation for two with her husband Lucas Rodríguez

Written in SHOWS the 17/1/2023 · 20:02 hs In the last few hours, and while preparing for the arrival of her first child, Barbie Velez packed the suitcases and traveled with Lucas Rodriguez to the beaches of Pinamar. This will be the last vacation for two of the couple, since in the month of February … Read more

An inch of waist circumference increases one point of death?Partial cellulite may disappoint | visceral fat | abdominal fat | thin belly

A protruding abdomen and hidden fat will increase the risk of many chronic diseases, and people with a “thin” appearance should not be ignored either. However, some emphasize “skinny belly“,eliminatebelly fatway, can be disappointing. Visceral fatDon’t Ignore Your Healthy Weight Can Be Deceiving Human body fat is divided into subcutaneous fat andVisceral fat. Subcutaneous fat … Read more

Maja Hy¿y revealed her belly after pregnancy. “It’s not as perfect as it seems”

Maja Hyży she is the mother of four children. Twin sons whose father he is Grzegorz Hyżyshe gave birth in 2012. With Konrad Kozak, with whom she has been associated since 2020, she had two daughters – Antonina, now two years old, and Zofia, who was born in July last year. The singer has already … Read more

Before the age of 50, she is expecting twins, her belly will suit her: The popular actress was one of the most beautiful on the red carpet!

We saw many famous personalities on the red carpet, but the greatest attention was once again drawn to mothers-to-be. Who liked it the most? From Tuesday to Wednesday evening, the 80th edition of the Golden Globes, awarded annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) and long considered the second most important film award after … Read more

5 foods to eliminate the belly

Nutritionist reveals five foods that help eliminate abdominal fat. Understand the benefits offered by each 7 jan 2023 – 16h07 (updated 1/10/2023 at 11:15 am) Abdominal fat: 5 foods that eliminate the belly Foto: Shutterstock / Sport Life With summer getting closer, the rush to get rid of that little belly only increases. But anyone … Read more